Unusual: he transformed a grain silo into a small house!

Unusual: he transformed a grain silo into a small house!

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You probably know the container houses, these habitats arranged in large steel cubes initially intended for the transport of goods. Today, new "recuperated" habitats are emerging in the United States: houses built in former grain silos. Some have indeed decided to give new life to these agricultural reservoirs. This is the case of the architect Christoph Kaiser, who transformed a grain silo into a comfortable little house.

Openings to bring light

Christoph Kaiser To get there, the old metal cylinder was cut to create openings to bring natural light into the home. On one side, a vertical opening has been created to make room for an entrance door and a window that illuminates the mezzanine. On the other side, a wide horizontal strip accommodates a sliding picture window. The house thus benefits from several light sources.

A pleasant habitat

Christoph Kaiser The house is certainly small, but everything has been thought of to make it pleasant to live in. Bathed in light, it has a comfortable living room which opens onto a beautiful terrace. Once the large picture window is open, the main room seems to extend outside. And once closed, it becomes a cozy little cocoon.

A comfortable interior

Christoph Kaiser The interior has been perfectly arranged so that the couple enjoys absolute comfort. A real kitchen, a dining area, plenty of storage space and a sofa have found their place without the space appearing crowded. Wood, widely used in the decoration of this house, warms the whole.

A well thought out mezzanine

Christoph Kaiser The grain silo is narrow enough but high enough to accommodate a mezzanine. The latter acts as a bedroom with a double bed and an integrated dressing room. It is reached by a small staircase whose hanging steps allow to keep a ventilated space.

An optimized bathroom

Christoph Kaiser Of course, this house also has a bathroom which has everything you need in a small space. The architect thought of everything while integrating compact toilets, a small round sink and a shower that fits perfectly into the room. The decor is minimalist since this bathroom has been dressed in white from floor to ceiling so that the space is as bright as possible.

A remarkable exterior layout

Christoph Kaiser As the house is small, it was important to provide a pleasant outdoor space so that you could settle in it at the slightest ray of sunshine. The architect has perfectly arranged this space. He first installed wooden panels to preserve their privacy. Large bins have also found their place around the house, hosting a vegetable patch and various green plants. Finally, a terrace located in front of the bay window allows you to eat or lounge in peace.

A radical transformation

Christoph Kaiser Who would have imagined that this old metal grain silo could become a beautiful comfortable house?

A house in a grain silo is therefore possible (and it's really neat!)

Christoph Kaiser Christoph Kaiser has won his bet by transforming an agricultural container into a pretty, practical and comfortable house. Besides, she is even more beautiful at night, don't you think?


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