DIY rugs for the bedroom

DIY rugs for the bedroom

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Let us describe the ideal bedroom rug for you. It is above all cozy. We dream of it quilted, warm and for that, we have the choice of materials; cotton, natural wool (or synthetic to save time in maintenance and save money!) Since it is not in a passing area, its basic cleaning comes down to a vacuum cleaner: a good point ! We can therefore be tempted by patterns in bright colors or light shades, in harmony with the colors of our room. Finally, our ideal bedroom rug, we choose it in reasonable dimensions because unless you live in a palace, the bedroom remains a small room. The bed rails are often 110x60 cm and we find that perfect. We like when the shapes vary: rectangular, round, or more fanciful? What if this ideal bedroom rug was not found? Well, it would be enough to make it! Here are 9 DIY for inspiration.

The hook rug

Oh end of the line

We are not going to lie: this carpet is not for everyone. To achieve this, you must have a crochet diploma! Fortunately, a detailed and free tutorial awaits you! We then slide it next to the bed, at the bedside table. DIY to find here

The cloud carpet

Tiny infinite

In the bedroom, we can indulge in a few fantasies and give our carpets shapes that invite escape and relaxation. This is the case with this very simple DIY: cut out the shape of a cloud from faux fur and use fabric glue on the edges so that the carpet does not fray. DIY to find here

The Berber carpet


Oh the nice home made Berber carpet here! When you see it, you instantly want to warm up your toes. In addition, it allows to recycle fabrics which are no longer useful, by hooking them using a special hook on a canvas for carpet. Long but simple to make! DIY to find here

The painted carpet

Home story

To make this tutorial, simply turn to a flat woven carpet that you will find for a few tens of euros in Ikea-type stores. Then apply masking tape where you want to cover with textile paint only certain areas. Simple and fast!

The embroidered carpet


As you know, embroidery is no longer just for grannies! We dust it off and we have fun, like these graphic patterns made on a white cotton carpet a little too ordinary. To make it even more cocoon and whimsical, we add a few pompoms!

The sewn carpet

gouache gouache

For fans of the sewing machine, nothing beats tailor-made! This creative blogger was looking for a narrow rug to slide next to her bed. She opted for a thick fabric which she sewed at the right dimensions. The cat also seems to have adopted it! DIY to find here

The felted wool ball rug

Madame Citron

It is the ideal carpet for children's rooms ... but not only! Made of carded wool, the small balls follow each other in single file to form a more or less large circle depending on the desired effect. Here, the creative blogger has chosen to make a trivet, but nothing prevents us from using this technique for a bed descent! Patience is required. DIY to find here

The patterned rug

Nouf in Wonderland

The other idea for a unique and personalized rug in the bedroom is, of course, customization. A very classic white carpet has been stenciled here using black textile paint and felt. Some pompoms have been added on the side to perfect the customization! Nothing prevents you of course from opting for other reasons.


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