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Wooden worktops

Wooden worktops

If you hesitate to choose a wooden worktop, here is a parade of examples to convince you! They sometimes accentuate a natural, contemporary or traditional mood. Easy to maintain, the wooden worktop also allows a lot of fantasy. It can thus be aged or vitrified. Finally know that there are many different woods with different properties: you have to know which wood to choose according to your desire.

Character wooden worktop

Aviva In this L-shaped kitchen, the worktop and the splashback align with a dark wood tendency which gives temperament to the powdery color of the furniture.

Wooden worktop for softness

Aviva Unlike the previous kitchen, here, a light wooden worktop has been chosen to emphasize its soft and feminine atmosphere.

Country-style wooden worktop

Schmidt Between its lacquered oak worktop and its blue painted furniture, this kitchen displays a little country look that will delight it.

Exotic wood worktop

Schmidt Exotic atmosphere for this kitchen! We love its wooden furniture and mini worktop which create a nice spicy contrast with the purple walls of the room.

Wooden worktop to balance

Aviva The choice of wood for the worktop and the credenza of this kitchen ideally balances the liveliness of its purple furniture.

Wooden worktop and credenza

Fly Here, the little detail that changes everything is none other than the edge of the white worktop in blond wood, so as to make a perfect reminder to the credenza. Very decorative!

Authentic wooden worktop

Schmidt Here is a kitchen which, from the top of its solid walnut worktop, evokes authenticity and rustic spirit.

Wooden worktop for vitality

Schmidt Combination of wood and orange color for this kitchen. One dresses the work plan, the credenza and high furniture, the other the central island and the low furniture. There is a little vitamin effect in the air…

Wooden worktop for small kitchens

Ikea The wooden worktop is not reserved for large old kitchens, proof with this small Ikea kitchen which uses wood to bring character.

Sophisticated version wooden worktop

Mobalpa Combined with black, the wooden worktop is sophisticated. By adding stainless steel appliances to this kitchen, you get a luxurious atmosphere.

Wooden worktop for conviviality

Aviva Wood being a warm and friendly material, it is ideal for a worktop which also serves as a dining area.

Wooden worktop for the Scandinavian spirit

Leroy Merlin With a light and blond wood, we obtain a very Scandinavian atmosphere. In this case we avoid adding too many colors so as not to confuse the tracks.

Wooden worktop and mint color

Good news ! The trendy color of the moment works perfectly with the wooden worktop if you choose it in a light shade.