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Which plants to grow in a terrarium?

Which plants to grow in a terrarium?

For 9 years, Noam Levy has been growing small miniature jungles in glass jars. Its brand, the Green Factory, has become in a few years the essential reference for closed terrariums while its Parisian store is always full. Passionate about these small autonomous ecosystems, he entrusts us with his 10 favorite varieties to succeed in his closed terrarium.

The Fittonias

Green Factory Whether it is green, pink, orange or white, the variegated foliage of Fittonia albivenis has a very graphic look which fits very well in the small worlds of terrariums.

The Polyscias

Green Factory Native to Oceania, Polyscias balfouriana has very decorative shiny green foliage. Toxic tropical plant difficult to grow in an apartment, it thrives wonderfully in a closed terrarium provided there is enough light.


Green Factory Easy to find, ivy, Hedera helix for botanists, is ideal for getting started in terrarium cultivation. Pozzolan, gravel, earth, a little moss and voila!

The Asparagus

Green Factory The light foliage of Asparagus falcatus makes it possible to compose a poetic and aerial mini-garden all by itself. A little foam is enough to highlight it, which makes it a species to recommend to beginners.

Driopteran ferns

Green Factory Dryopteris ferns, which mainly grow near oaks, are pleasant in closed terrariums. Do not hesitate to plant them at the base of a higher variety to liven up the bottom of the terrarium.

The foam

Green Factory Indispensable, the mosses dress the soil of the terrarium and maintain a sufficient level of humidity in the jar. If you have some in your garden, do not hesitate to pick it, but avoid collecting it in the forest so as not to disturb the insects.

The Muehlenbeckia

Green Factory The very pretty round leaves of Muehlenbeckia complexa will give your terrarium a very appreciable decorative touch. If you only have to choose one plant, don't hesitate to choose that one!

Pilea involucrata

Green Factory A cousin of the Chinese coin plant, dear to design lovers, the Pilea involucrata has textured foliage that creates amazing exotic landscapes.

The Ophiopogon

Green Factory Originating in the Himalayas, the Ophiopogon - whose name means "beard of the snake" - is a grass that likes in closed terrariums, especially if you integrate a little peat around the root ball. Combine with a Podocarpus to create a Japanese landscape. Thank you again to the Green Factory for their welcome!

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