The parasol creates the decor in the garden

The parasol creates the decor in the garden

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To give style to the garden, all accessories are allowed! We then put on objects like the parasol which will protect you from the sun while bringing a decorative touch to your outdoor space. Here is a selection to help you choose your parasol.

A touch of color

Leroy Merlin The parasol can give you a touch of color in your garden. By choosing a very colorful model you will brighten up the exterior. Do not hesitate to match the color of the parasol with that of your decorative furniture.

A light parasol

La Redoute To make your garden a pleasant and timeless space, you can opt for a very light parasol in a white color that will let in light. The parasol will then create a soft atmosphere without crushing the space.

A parasol to make the furniture bigger

La Redoute To give height to your garden space, choose a parasol that will add dimension to your furniture. Do not hesitate to adjust the height of it according to the size of your garden furniture.

A parasol after dark

La Redoute Know that your parasol will not only be useful when the sun is shining. At nightfall, there remains a decorative ally! You can add lanterns or small LEDs to create a magical light atmosphere.

A parasol by the pool

La Redoute The parasol can truly be used as a decoration to set the tone for your garden. You can for example place an exotic parasol near the swimming pool to give a holiday look to the whole.

Several parasols for a graphic effect

Alinéa If your garden or terrace has a good size, do not hesitate to choose several umbrellas to create a very decorative graphic style. Multiply shapes and colors for a vitamin-rich space!

A parasol to delimit the spaces

Manutti If you want to create several spaces in your garden, think of the parasol to help you create a visual delimitation. For example, place your parasol above the dining table and leave the garden furniture free.

A discreet umbrella

Conforama If you only want to enjoy the relaxing atmosphere that the parasol provides, prefer a discreet model. To do this, bet on an eccentric parasol that is placed on the side of the space to be covered and opt for a natural color.

A protective canvas

Leroy Merlin Finally, if you do not want the installation to take up floor space, you can also bet on a canvas to hang above your garden furniture. The effect is just as decorative!


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