50s cuisine that has remained intact for more than half a century!

50s cuisine that has remained intact for more than half a century!

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For some time now, the Kitsch decor has resurfaced in our interiors. The kitchen is also the ideal room to introduce this trend straight out of the 1950s and it often starts with a retro fridge! If some like to buy new objects with a vintage look, others will prefer to find original parts. And then, hold on tight. We have just found a small pearl and it is neither a fridge nor a table, but a whole kitchen dating from the 50s! If owning this kitchen today should not be easy, if only in terms of consumption of the appliances, we can only take inspiration from this vintage piece and steal some decorative ideas from it. Besides, the total pink look for the kitchen is very trendy this year!

Pink and chrome

Nathan Chandler Furniture When we talk about the 50s, we often have in mind the image of a pink formica table. Here, the entire worktop adopts this soft color. And with furniture handles and chrome decorative objects, the harmony is perfect.

Vintage household appliances

Nathan Chandler Furniture Everything has been kept in this kitchen and household appliances are no exception! There is in particular a built-in fridge which also adopts a total pink look and fits perfectly in the room. Like what, 50 years ago, we were already looking to have the most aesthetic refrigerator possible!

A dishwasher from another time

Nathan Chandler Furniture This kitchen is also equipped with a dishwasher, which was unusual at the time. Far from our current dishwashers, it would be difficult to use today, but would delight collectors! Even its instructions and a new dishwashing product package have been kept!

Pink, even for the stove!

Nathan Chandler Furniture The electric stove is also adorned with pink. It has 4 electric lights which each have a chrome cover, to stay in the theme. We hardly dare imagine the electricity consumption of this stove, or even how we can use the controls that are nothing like what we know today!

An oven that is no exception to the rule

Nathan Chandler Furniture Here is a device that we would already dare to use more since it looks quite like those we know today! Again, the oven is in immaculate condition, as is its General Electric manual. And to integrate perfectly into the kitchen, this appliance was chosen in a color… pink, of course!

A vintage ceiling lamp

Nathan Chandler Furniture The original ceiling lamp, in glass and gold metal, is a superb piece that completes the charm of this delicate kitchen.