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What flowers for my spring wedding decor?

What flowers for my spring wedding decor?

Rural or sophisticated, white or colorful, flowers are an essential element of wedding decoration. So roses, tulips or daisies? To put the odds on its side, specialists recommend choosing seasonal flowers and focusing on one or two varieties that blend easily with foliage to achieve all the desired compositions. Our selection of 10 essential flowers for a spring wedding…

Sweet peas, for a poetic wedding

Pinterest The extreme delicacy of sweet peas, their sweet musky fragrance and their good vase life make them a preferred variety for a bucolic atmosphere. Associated with white roses, they are wonderful as a bridal bouquet.

Peonies for a romantic wedding

Tumblr / Pinterest Generous and spectacular, peonies are ideal for a round and sublime bouquet in a soliflore in the center of the table. Elegant and sophisticated, they are a bit expensive but can be combined with simple leaves for compositions of great refinement.

Buttercups for a sophisticated wedding

Pixabay White or pink, buttercups offer a flowering of extreme refinement, which evokes a princess dress. Accompanied by light green foliage, they allow you to compose romantic bouquets that will leave a lasting impression.

Roses for a tender marriage

Pinterest Symbol of love, roses are used in many bridal bouquets. We choose them white or pale pink for a springy and refined effect. And we do not forget the petals to throw on the newlyweds!

White freesias, for a spring wedding

Rona Wheeldon / Delicately scented, freesia is an interesting variety to work in bouquet or in composition. White, yellow or pink, it fits well in a vase and brings a fresh and light touch to a spring decoration.

Lisianthus, for a refined wedding / The barefoot bride The lisianthus petals are so soft that they make you want to touch them, like a delicate and silky fabric. White, they are perfect for wedding compositions of all sizes. And associated with olive leaves, as in this photo of The Barefoot Bride, they are just irresistible!

Gypsophyle, for a bohemian wedding

Pinterest A great classic for weddings, the baby's breath has long been considered as simple accompanying foliage that brings volume to bouquets of roses. Worked alone, in a bridal bouquet or in small bouquets on the table or bench, it has the effect of a romantic and very photogenic cloudy cloud!

Field flowers for a country wedding

The Bride next door For a natural style that combines simplicity and freshness, wild flowers are irresistible! Whether you order them from the florist or pick them up at the last moment in the countryside, they will make you an unforgettable bride.

Lilac, for a fragrant wedding / If your wedding takes place in April-May, why not bet everything on lilac? Deliciously scented, it makes it very easy to compose bouquets and centerpieces at low prices. Do not forget to split the stems with pruning shears for a better hold in the vase.