Zoom on the beds in the bedroom!

Zoom on the beds in the bedroom!

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In the bedroom, we are not satisfied with the bed! Indeed, we are looking more and more for comfort and functionality, which is why new furniture is appearing or making its comeback, as is the case with the end of the bed. Zoom on this clever piece of furniture that will not fail to sublimate your room.

An improvised end of bed

La Redoute Know that a bed can also be improvised and will help you make the bedroom more practical. You can then install a storage chest at the foot of your bed for example. It can then be used to place dirty linen or household linen.

A bench as the end of the bed

La Redoute Traditionally, the end of the bed allows you to settle in so that you can easily put your shoes on or put on pants. We can therefore opt for a bench or bench that is placed at the end of the bed.

A bench bed end

La Redoute To modernize the traditional end of bed, you can choose a bench with pure lines like a bench to complete the footboard. The look is then very contemporary.

A bed end for household linen

Essix The end of the bed can be very practical to have additional blankets if the temperatures drop during the night. The plaid will then be near you: you will avoid getting up.

A bed end chest

Lexington Some bed ends also offer more storage space. You can, for example, place a few sheets and blankets in the end of the bed which looks like a trunk.

A footrest as a bed end

Ikea Know that you can also break the codes of the end of the bed by using diverted objects. For example, why not use the footrest of an armchair to create a large and comfortable seat at the foot of the bed.

Boxes at the end of the bed

La Redoute To create a practical and original bed end, you can also stack several storage boxes. For example, it will be ideal for storing pairs of shoes when you do not have a dedicated storage unit.

A multiplied end of bed

La Redoute Rather than opting for a single bed end, you can also bet on an accumulation of small modules to create an original and graphic style in the bedroom. Play with small stools or low pedestal tables.

A bed end for children

Maisons du monde Finally, know that the end of the bed can also be used in children's rooms. It will then allow the toys to be stored discreetly.