5 essential decoration addresses to discover in Paris

5 essential decoration addresses to discover in Paris

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** Fans of decoration you cannot go to the capital without having set foot in the following 5 places. Between palace, shops and alternative place discover our 5 favorite addresses not to be missed under any circumstances **

Polyhedron Home

Polyhedron Home Humor is also present. Banana-shaped soliflores, variegated wallpaper, Eiffel Tower in gay colors will revive a sleepy decor. And on the furniture side, the fifties lines are in the spotlight!

The Royal Monceau

Royal Monceau This prestigious hotel located in one of the most beautiful areas of Paris, revised its decoration a few years ago. Philippe Starck, in charge of site work over 4000m2. Opened in 1928, it remains a legendary address which has seen stars, writers, gentlemen and adventurers. ** Le Royal Monceau ** 37 Avenue Hoche 75008 Paris

Decorative zoom

Royal Monceau Beige appears in various intensities. Going from white to beige through the sand, it reigns supreme according to a soft and luminous monochrome. Only a few touches of black and red enhance this harmonious whole. We feel the style of the great designer where simplicity meets luxury.

Officine Buly

Officine Buly A very fashionable apothecary spirit imprints the place. From old photos of pharmacies, the decorator Nicolas Daul to create an interior that recalls the shops of the beginning of the last century. ** Buly Universal Pharmacy ** 6, rue Bonaparte Paris VIe. Phone. 01 43 29 02 50.

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Officine Buly Restored beams, enameled terracotta floors, imposing wooden furniture offer an exceptional setting where the various bottles are preciously stored, containing precious treatments from innovative cosmetic techniques.

The Scout for an experience

L'Eclaireur This time, head to the Marais, to discover the unconventional boutique of l'Eclaireur. On an area of ​​4000 m2, the collections are presented creatively. Like an explorer, you will go in search of the perfect piece that will make any style. ** L'Eclaireur ** 40 rue de Sévigné 75003 Paris

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L'Eclaireur As soon as you arrive, the tone is set! The long silver corridor is made up of an accumulation of wooden planks painted in metallic gray. Directed by artist Arne Quinze, the work invites you to go further in your decorative quest.

La Recyclerie

La Recyclerie We pass the periphery and we meet you in Saint-Ouen, well known by hard-core bargain hunters. Located just outside the metro, La Recyclerie is located in an old train station. Today, the place hosts a restaurant and workshops to learn how to reduce its consumption. ** La Recyclerie ** 2 Rue Belliard 75018 Paris

Decorative zoom

La Recyclerie The furniture is recovered of course! Mismatched chairs, formica tables, window mosaics on the walls ... add a real touch of soul. We love the terrace which recreates the countryside in town to enjoy the sun pleasantly when it deigns to reveal itself.


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