10 trendy and decorative poufs

10 trendy and decorative poufs

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Pif, Paf, Pouf! At once playful, practical and decorative, the pouffe invites itself into our interiors for our greatest pleasure. And it is everywhere: in the bedroom for adults and children, in the living room, in the dressing room, in the bathroom and it even finds its place outside. Decryption of the trend in 10 poufs, more fun and decorative than each other!

A pouf - bedside table

La Redoute Beware of a decorative favorite for this pouffe which plays a double game. Both bedside table and occasional seat, this pouffe is as practical as it is decorative, with its small fluorescent border. We adopt it without further delay.

A knitted pouffe

Sanijura In the bathroom, too, the pouffe finds pride of place. Here, we fell in love with this knitted model, cozy at will which will be really perfect to accommodate a towel, our clothes or a computer if you want to watch a small series, warm in your bath.

A Scandinavian style pouffe

Normann Copenhagen Between clean lines, Nordic design, light wood and felt, this magnificent pouffe will fit perfectly into a Scandinavian style interior. Most ? Its multifunctional side since it is as comfortable at the end of the sofa as in the stool in the entrance hall.

A delicious beanbag

Woouf To eat! In the little ones' room, we melt for this pouffe, which looks like a nice piece of chocolate cake and colorful nuggets. It will create the illusion very well and delight your little ones. We already have it in our mouths, right?

A circus ottoman

Ikea Notice to apprentice magicians, acrobats and other budding clowns, here is a playful, colorful beanbag model that gives pride of place to the game.

An ethnic pouffe

Maisons du Monde Exotic. Favorite decor for this black and white beanbag with ethnic patterns that invite you to travel. Very soft and comfortable, we just want to settle there, cross our legs and share memories of trips with family or friends.

A Rubik's Cube pouffe

Woouf In a playful mood. Invented in 1974 by the professor of architecture, Erno Rubik, the Rubik's Cube is now available in pouffe. Original and playful at will, the Rubik's Cube ottoman is as comfortable in a teenage bedroom as in a loft-style living room. It's your turn to play now!

A pebble ottoman

Smarin Bluffant. These are the poufs that particularly caught the attention of the editors. Very original, they are like real pebbles and blend into the decor while creating the illusion.

A multifunction pouffe

Ikea Place storage in this dressing room where everything is in its place. And to enlarge the space and give an impression of volume, we favor multifunctional furniture and storage. Here is a good example of this with these poufs which contain a beautiful storage space, practical, isn't it?