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A designer villa on the heights of Ramatuelle

A designer villa on the heights of Ramatuelle

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Make way for dream homes with this sublime contemporary creation, very design, imagined by the architect Vinvent Coste. Located just a few minutes from the beaches of Pampelonne and perched on the tropezian hills, the villa l'Escalet is a contemporary creation which is one of these mythical places crystallizing the image "Saint-Tropez" in the collective imagination. We open the doors of this exceptional villa to you.

An eco-responsible villa

Christophe Rouffio Nestled in the peaceful surroundings of Saint-Tropez, in an idyllic setting surrounded by lush greenery, the villa combines modern elegance and responsible architecture. Indeed, the villa meets requirements in terms of sustainable development in order to preserve the natural setting of the site located on the edge of the natural area.

A privileged setting

Christophe Rouffio The exterior of the villa is distinguished by a huge terrace and a magnificent mirror pool which allows you to enjoy the 180 ° panorama day and night. Imagined as a swimming pool, the pool gives this delicious impression of being one with nature.

The design touch

Christophe Rouffio To take full advantage of the dream view of the turquoise waters of Escalet beach, sublime green deckchairs with enveloping curves have been placed on the terrace. A design touch that stands out in contrast to the linear and structured architecture of the building.

A villa where you live outside

Christophe Rouffio A sublime terrace in wood and black metal completes this enchanting decor. Designed to live both indoors and outdoors, meals are taken on the terrace, before or after a dip in the infinity pool.

Immaculate cuisine

Christophe Rouffio The visit continues with the central living space, the kitchen, which offers a breathtaking view of the sea. With its many picture windows, the kitchen bathed in light, makes the refined a signature to embrace the splendor of this extraordinary place.

A favorite material, wood

Christophe Rouffio Breakthrough many openings on both sides of the villa, the villa offers a magical setting to the most demanding eye. A large wooden structure forming an integral part of the architectural composition provides effective sun protection and contributes to creating differentiated outdoor spaces.

Sweetness of life

Christophe Rouffio Sublimated by simple and light furnishings, the five bedrooms, one on the ground floor and the others upstairs, immerse visitors in a sober universe, where well-being and comfort take precedence. Soft cushions and soft shades extend this felted sphere.

Luxurious cocoon

Christophe Rouffio The soothing tones and contemporary decoration with soft and refined lines leave plenty of room for openings on the sea, present in each room.

Design and functional bathrooms

Christophe Rouffio Each of the bedrooms has its own bathroom. Here, the rounded shapes of the freestanding bathtub and basin, in contrast to the rest of the more structured furniture, serve thoughtful functionality.