10 trendy white kitchens

10 trendy white kitchens

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If colors have made a remarkable appearance in kitchen furniture, white remains a sure bet to make this room a very trendy place. Also, here are 10 kitchens with white furniture to inspire you!

A very graphic cuisine

Aviva If you choose white furniture as a safe bet, this does not mean that you cannot reserve another color for the kitchen. Also to give a design and graphic style, add touches of black on the walls. The contrast will be very decorative.

White design

Aviva To enhance the white furniture in your kitchen, you can focus on details in a darker color. Here for example, the furniture is dressed with a worktop and a gray wooden splashback for a very original look.

Clean cuisine

Aviva If you love the design style, white is a real ally. Indeed, it will reinforce the clean appearance of the lines of your furniture. The whole is then chic and very pure.

White lacquered furniture

Aviva To make your kitchen a real gem, you can opt for a lacquered furniture surface. The light will then be reflected throughout your room, giving it a unique style depending on the time of day.

Friendly cuisine

Alinéa To make a white kitchen very warm, you can bet on color and material! Paint the kitchen walls in a warm color like red and then opt for wood to warm the atmosphere.

Vitamin cuisine

Paragraph To energize the white of the kitchen furniture, paint the walls of the room in a tart color like apple green. The kitchen then takes on a very cheerful and dynamic look. Also remember to customize the furniture with stickers.

An original cuisine

Alinéa To keep the white spirit of your kitchen while adding a touch of color, bet on an original floor! You can indeed opt for a blue floor covering for example which will only accentuate the purity of the rest of the room.

Feminine cuisine

Paragraph To soften and feminize a kitchen with white furniture, you can choose to paint the walls of the room in pink. Accessorize everything with colorful and girly touches.

Country chic cuisine

Maisons du monde Finally, know that you can also bet on white in a country style kitchen. The white furniture will soften the rustic side for a more chic atmosphere.