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Compact kitchen for small space

Compact kitchen for small space

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** Whether you live in a studio, an apartment or your accommodation only offers a small kitchen, you must optimize the space to cook with complete peace of mind. Know that today there are compact kitchens as practical as they are trendy. Thanks to a subtle play of height and a well-chosen equipment, it is possible to enjoy a small kitchen. Here are 10 compact kitchens for you to discover. **

Colorful and mischievous

Ikea This kitchen, offered by Ikea, is colorful and very practical. No wasted space: the entire height of the wall is exploited. To balance everything, the worktop and the credenza are white.

Compact and design

Archiproducts This kitchen is an island of ingenuity. In a minimum of space, you will find everything you need to cook, eat and store. A very beautiful creation available on Archiproducts.

The hallway kitchen

Kitchen inspiration It is not uncommon for a kitchen to be very long. If you are in this situation, you notice then that it is possible to arrange it well to take full advantage of it.

All in one

Art Dco Developing small spaces while not neglecting the kitchen is possible. Your dining area then becomes your dining room and you gain a few square meters!

Rotating kitchen

Cercle Kitchen You are not dreaming, the revolving kitchen exists. It was created by the Cercle Kitchen brand and has had great success. As a bonus, different colors and designs are available.

Optimized space

Kitchen inspiration In a compact kitchen, space is optimized and each square meter exploited both in length and in height!


Compact Concepts Here is another example of a compact kitchen that offers all the advantages of a modern kitchen in a minimum of space.

All in height

Kitchen inspiration A compact kitchen has tall units. So don't hesitate to install floor-to-ceiling storage.


Semapot To make up for the lack of space in a kitchen, choose clever furniture that adapts to your needs.