An ideal lounge for entertaining

An ideal lounge for entertaining

** The house is a place of reception which is constantly renewed. Depending on the time of day, you can receive your guests in the kitchen, dining room or living room. The living room has the advantage of being a place of relaxation, provided it is well appointed. What are the ingredients to create an ideal reception room? Discover them by exploring these 10 salons selected for you. **


Hortense Leluc Wood, books, sofas and comfortable armchairs on which there are cushions and throws, all the elements are brought together for a cocooning lounge.


Art Home Studio A reception room is a living room in which the colors are sober and bright. Prefer yellow, beige and white which will be sublimated thanks to beautiful cleverly placed lights.

Green and bright

Nicolas Matheus The ideal reception room is a lounge where guests can choose their seat. This is why here we find sofas and armchairs of different sizes. All in perfect harmony.


Espace Zen For a relaxing side, you can also bet on natural colors and a pretty green plant. The latter can be of any size, do not slow down!


Helline A comfortable sofa and carpet, personalized decor and comforting colors, and if your living room dares to be feminine?


DR Whether you live in the city or in the countryside, you can put a little heat in your living room with animal skins, a stove or a fireplace.

Choice of lights

Home Deco In your living room, the lights have a place of choice. They warm the atmosphere and can even change the appearance of the room. Prefer light colored lights that emit indirect light.


Hasnae Moroccan salons are real reception salons, you have to take inspiration from them! So opt for a huge sofa, colorful cushions and thick rugs.

So british

Laura Ashley Another country, another decor! The British living rooms are also very warm with their exposed stones, the presence of wood, cushions and throws.