Bedroom: the grounds wake up the bed linen

Bedroom: the grounds wake up the bed linen

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Give your room a touch of originality with the patterns on the bed linen. Diamonds, triangles, stripes, checks, fine flowers play with trends and boldly mix styles. Like an accessory, they elegantly dress the room to revive the colors. Decorative zoom in 10 images…

The geometric also touches the room

Ferm Living Decoration takes geometry lessons this season. Diamonds, squares, triangles stand out on the bed linen

Deliciously retro bed linen

Orla Kiely Designer Orla Kiely, well known for her recognizable patterns inspired by the 50s and 60s, unveils a deliciously vintage collection of bed linen. Ideal for a decorative boost in a slightly too wise room!

Scandinavian style even in bed

Ferm Living The Scandinavian trend is everywhere in the house, even in the bedroom where she has even invested the bed linen. Old-fashioned and chalky colors are adorned with simple patterns without fuss.

The smaller, the more cute!

Orla Kiely This season has something for everyone! Small, large, medium, stylized or on the contrary figurative, the patterns invade the bed linen and awaken our decor!

Fresh and light, flowers take over the room

Ikea Floral patterns dot the decor of the bedroom with an atmosphere that is both chic and romantic. And for more softness, do not hesitate to superimpose the thicknesses.

The "toile de Jouy" patterns inspire the decor of the room

Ikea The bedroom is a place of rest where it is important to feel most secure. To do this, bet on patterns that tell stories that will accompany your dreams.

Patterns and stripes go hand in hand

Society A great decorative classic, blue and white stripes. Revisit them by mixing small, sophisticated patterns on the pillowcases.

Pastel pink offers pixelated patterns

Society The softness of blotting pink is highlighted with the two cushions. Like scarves, they finish dressing the bed to elegantly complete this perfect outfit!

A bedspread, two possibilities

Bloomingville A simple plaid with floral patterns is enough to brighten up and poeticize the bedroom. A soft mixture of purple flowers on one side and green on the other, to change according to the moods of the day.


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