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The facing stone for a design style

The facing stone for a design style

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To give character to your living spaces, Orsol offers wall cladding that easily adapts to contemporary or designer style rooms. Here are some ideas for using facing stone in your modern interior.

Chiselled facing stones in the kitchen

Orsol The chased siding is also available in anthracite gray to add a trendy touch to your interior. The carvings give a very graphic appearance to the wall and then become a very designer ally.

Chiselled facing stones for decorative elements

Orsol To bring a design style to your home from the outside and make a reminder of your interior walls, Orsol also offers this stone model for exterior pillars. We appreciate them for their very sculptural side which will give style to the exterior.

Chiselled facing stones for the facade

Orsol And to give your home a unique style, know that you can also use this stone for your exterior facades. The house is then very original and graphic which suggests the design style of the interior.

Character stones in the living room

Orsol To give relief to the wall while retaining its slender appearance, choose Rocky Mountain facing stones which consist of several stones of different sizes. Small then large, they recall authentic walls in a very current style thanks to anthracite gray.

A facade of character

Orsol Rocky Mountain can also be used outdoors for facades, for example. The house then takes on a mineral and natural look in order to blend in with the decor. You will find several shades to choose your style.

Rough stones in the living room

Orsol The Shiste siding is inspired by the layered and matt effects of natural rock for a very contemporary style. We will appreciate it as much in a designer interior as in a loft. Recalling slate, this stone gives substance to the decor.

Black bricks

Orsol To create a very original wall in your interior, you will find black brick that will bring a style that is both raw and industrial while playing with trends thanks to its original black color.

Brécy stones

Orsol Recalling the facades of houses, this stone also finds its place in interiors to bring a contemporary style. We then use it to create a design and refined element like a fireplace. The stone then becomes the centerpiece of the interior.

Brick to give relief

Orsol Finally, to give relief to a design piece, you can use white brick that will bring material to the whole. You can then choose to decorate only one element in the manner of this very contemporary bathroom.

Stone for a charming dining room

Orsol If you are not lucky enough to have exposed stone on the wall but you dream of that to warm the atmosphere of the dining room, opt for the Manoir facing stone. The latter brings the warm and authentic touch that was lacking in this room.

Briquette at the head of the bed

Orsol Thanks to its original patterns, the Orsol briquette allows you to give free rein to all your fantasies. Here, she sublimates the bed, but she can also emphasize the framing of a door or create geometric drawings on the wall.

Facing stones to structure the chimney

Orsol You want your fireplace to be the queen of the living room, but you don't know how to enhance it? Warm it with very fine-grained Pierre de Causse siding and nuances of great intensity.

Stone for the touch of authenticity

Orsol To give a little bit of character to a wooden and metal house, choose to cover a wall with charming white stone. This is the warm touch he was missing!

Brick for a loft style

Orsol Do you dream of crossing the Atlantic to live in a superb loft in Brooklyn? No need to go so far with the red Orsol brick which gives your living room the look of a New York loft in the blink of an eye.

Dry stone for a southern spirit

Orsol With its assembly of stones of different sizes with elongated shapes, the Maquis facing adorns the walls to recreate the charm of the old buildings of the south. What give a few Provencal accents to your decor.

Facing stones geometric version

Orsol To give relief to your contemporary facades, opt for this stone facing which plays with reliefs and cubic shapes. The geometric trend is now on the walls.

Stone in all its forms

Orsol The Mixto siding is the result of the association of stones of different sizes and colors to create an ultra personalized decor. Now it's your turn to play!