Lunch break in Reims in the ultra vintage restaurant "Les Cornichons"

Lunch break in Reims in the ultra vintage restaurant "Les Cornichons"

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Passing through Reims, after the inescapable "cathedral" stopover, a little hollow reminds you that lunchtime has struck. That's good, since the editorial staff at Téva déco has selected for you a delicious address with a quirky, vintage and industrial decor that takes you on a journey through time, towards the 70s. Discovery in pictures of the restaurant Le Cornichon, thus baptized in homage to the rémois sitting in the Assembly under the cornice during the French Revolution!

Creative lighting ### There are these little things that change everything. This is the case with these inventive lights created from diverted objects: a desk lamp that has become a wall light, cans transformed into wacky suspensions.

Photo collage on the ceiling ### The decoration of Le Cornichon restaurant did not stop at the walls. A jumble of black and white photographs run one behind the other above our heads, accentuating the offbeat universe of the place. Imagination on the ceiling, we adhere, we love…

… Again and again ### The side "unusual ceiling" deserves that we focus on it twice more than once. From this point of view, we discover the staggered arrangement of the frames which are linked together in a cloud of photos until they hit the walls. Or how to create a harmonious visual unity between the walls and the ceiling.

Photo collage on beams ### Stone beams have not escaped the restaurant's craze for mass framing either. Here, images of comics and vintage photographs alternate to gradually climb to the ceiling.

Cinema armchairs on rail ### Seen from this angle, the armchairs wisely aligned against the wall of the restaurant room seem rather classic. A simple optical illusion since they actually come from an old cinema! One thing is certain, to sit on these old liftable seats at mealtime is pure fantasy.

Industrial furniture and seventies wallpaper ### In front of the cinema armchairs, it is on Tolix chairs and around metal gray tables that the meal takes place. Once again, the industrial mood does not let go of a sole, nor the vintage atmosphere for that matter ... The designer Carlos Pujol has indeed chosen to bring up to date the old and torn tapestries of our grand- mothers to subtly introduce the seventies spirit in Le Cornichon restaurant.

Metal lockers ### On a Scottish checkered background, metal lockers of all kinds decorate this counter, underlining at the same time, the industrial inspiration of the restaurant

W.C deco ### We might be surprised to present the toilets of a restaurant, but not for this one! Its vintage tiling, in perfect harmony with the atmosphere of the great room is worth the detour.

Exposed piping ### Another characteristic of industrial atmospheres: the exposed piping that happily runs along the wall without any complex whatsoever!