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The small electro, your ally for the holidays

The small electro, your ally for the holidays

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** To prepare your holiday meals, nothing like small appliances. Practical, fun and clever, it allows you to save time, enjoy your guests and of course make good meals. Today, small electro is diversifying and becoming an ally for the holidays. Do you want to discover the new and the inevitable? Here is our selection of 10 small household appliances. **

To eat hot!

Figui Do you want to dress your plates like a star chef but you fear your meal will get cold? Figui has thought of you and offers you a very practical plate warmer.


Domoclip Fancy enjoying a convivial meal without spending the evening in your kitchen? Why not use this pierrade / squeegee combination?

Roast or leg

Moulinex To cut your roast or your leg without difficulty, think of the electric knife. You will thus offer attractive regular slices of meat to all your guests.


Galantine Savoyard fondue or Burgundy fondue? Let your taste buds choose, thanks to the Galantine fondue machine you can make the fondue you want.

Almost pro fryer

Bestron The fryer is being renewed and is now taking the form of professional fryers. Quick and easy to use, it guarantees the success of all your fried foods.

Champagne bucket

Philips Want to bluff your guests? Here is a very original champagne bucket to impress your guests. It has the particularity to color, via LED bulbs, the water in the bucket and even to change colors.

Frozen recipe

Lagrange Thanks to this ice cream maker, you can make sweet and savory ice creams and sorbets. It's up to you to choose your recipe or create it!

Wok party

Vima Here is a device out of the ordinary. Thanks to Wok Party, you and your guests can enjoy delicious Asian mixes.

Wok Tefal

Téfal Always in an Asian spirit, the Wok Téfal allows you to cook the dish of your choice but also to have it at the table and to keep it warm.


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