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Focus on Magis design

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** Magis is a brand of Italian origin which was created in 1976. It is currently enjoying great popularity in France and throughout Europe. Magis creations have the distinction of being affordable, offbeat and colorful. They have become inseparable from contemporary design. Magis design appeals to both individuals and professionals, it finds its place inside and out. Would you like to discover some of the Magis creations? Here is our colorful selection. **

Rocking duck

Magis In the bedroom, living room or in the garden, the rocking duck signed Magis will delight your little ones. Colorful and stylish, this toy naturally finds its place in your living space.

Nimrod fireside chair

Magis The Nimrod fireside chair is a sober and colorful creation that appeals to as many people as possible. Choose your color according to the decor of the room that will welcome the fireside chair and enjoy a fireside chair as pretty as it is practical.

Dog house

Magis Your dog also has the right to benefit from Magis' know-how. For him, the brand has created a niche as trendy as it is colorful, a way like any other to decorate your garden!

Raviolo armchair

Magis The Raviolo armchair by Magis is one of the brand's emblematic creations. Atypical and colorful, the armchair invites itself alone or in a group in your living rooms.

Magis' clock

Magis The clock signed Magis is a great success. Sober, with a touch of color, it brings up to date the traditional cuckoo clock from our ancestors. A nice decoration or gift idea.

A coat rack

Magis Because Magis does not forget the practical side in its creations, the brand offers objects as simple as a coat rack. These coat hooks can be installed alone or with others in your entrance or in the children's room.


Admit it, you know Puppy! This contemporary dog ​​is a quirky decorative object that finds its place in a child's room, a living room, a terrace or a garden.

Screw stool

Magis The Magis screw stool is a common and yet trendy object. Artists and budding artists appreciate its practicality. Design is loved by everyone.

Vanity chairs

Magis Simple and modern chairs, that's what Magis offers with its Vanity chairs. Individuals and professionals tear them away and do not hesitate to marry the different models.