A headboard to give a charming style

A headboard to give a charming style

To create an atmosphere in the bedroom, you can bet on the headboard which is sure to set the tone for all your decor! Also, to bring a charming style to your bedroom, here is a selection of romantic headboards.

A wooden headboard

Fly For a very contemporary chalet atmosphere, we prefer a white wooden headboard that we will associate with feminine colors like purple.

A stylish headboard

Maisons du Monde By choosing a stylish headboard, you will give an old side to your bedroom decor. Bet for example on a carved wooden frame which accommodates a very comfortable quilted part.

An engraved headboard

Maisons du Monde This weathered wooden headboard hosts a pretty heart carved at the top to bring a charming touch to the whole. With old linen, the decor is set!

A wooden headboard

Maisons du Monde If you like patinated furniture, choose a wooden headboard with a paint that has aged over time. As for form, bet on simplicity with round but clean lines.

A metal headboard

Maisons du Monde To give a fairly vintage style, you can opt for a headboard with metal bars. This type of headboard will recall the bedrooms of young girls of yesteryear.

A headboard for lovers

Maisons du Monde For a romantic touch in the lovers' bedroom, you can bet on this chic country headboard which has a mesh heart at the top.

Openwork headboard

Maisons du Monde To give an old style to the headboard, we choose this openwork headboard of classic style which brings a warm touch to the room.

A padded headboard

Maisons du Monde In a charming room, you can also opt for a padded headboard in very soft beige tones to give a comfortable and warm touch to the whole room.

A refined headboard

AM PM Quilting, a refined form, a natural color, this headboard has all the ingredients to bring refinement and elegance to this contemporary bedroom.

Openwork headboard

Maisons du Monde We love the romantic atmosphere that reigns in this pretty country-style room. As for the white openwork wooden headboard, it completes the look with great taste!

A poetic headboard

La Redoute Interiors With its bucolic bed linen and white wooden furniture, this room exudes the charm of yesteryear. We let ourselves be seduced…

An aged look headboard

Maisons du Monde Want to add a touch of charm and authenticity to your room? Nothing could be simpler with this weathered wooden headboard!

A white headboard

AM PM In this contemporary room with oriental accents, we dare a white wooden headboard which harmonizes perfectly with the two decorative axes chosen.

A country headboard

Maisons du Monde To change from the traditional white, beige or wood-colored headboard, we adopt a mouse gray model which will have the advantage of blending perfectly into a country-style bedroom.

A wooden and fabric headboard

La Redoute Interiors In this room, it is clearly the headboard that sets the tone! In ecru fabric and nice wooden finish, it creates the most authentic decor!

A louvered headboard

Maisons du Monde To give a touch of charm to the decor of your room, don't be afraid to dare an original piece like this headboard that looks like elegant shutters.

A quilted headboard

AM PM In this room which has opted for light colors, only the headboard has dared to choose a darker color: brown. We give 10/10 to the result!

An elegant headboard

Maisons du Monde In this room dressed in romantic white wood, it is the headboard with soft features and natural color that brings the note of charm it lacked. WE love !