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10 metal beds for a room with style

10 metal beds for a room with style

If wood wins many votes in the room, metal also seduces because it adapts to many styles. Also choosing a metal bed instantly gives style to the bedroom. Demonstration.

A romantic bed

Maisons du monde If you do not have a room large enough to accommodate a canopy, rest assured because a white metal bed with bars will also bring a romantic touch to your room.

An industrial bed

Maisons du monde Metal can allow you to create an industrial style in your bedroom. Then choose a rather imposing bed in a raw and aged metal. Opt for white and simple linen to enhance the metal.

A designer bed

La Redoute You will find very stylish metal bed models because this material allows you to create original structures like this bed with very graphic lines.

A contemporary bed

Alinéa If you want a contemporary style, opt for a fairly simple bed with pure lines in black metal. Then accessorize the bed with cushions and a plaid to bring warmth to the whole.

A modern canopy bed

Alinéa Please note that the canopy bed also fits into a contemporary style. Choose a dark metal and clean lines for this. Then add bed linen in trendy colors.

A female bed

Ikea For a feminine atmosphere in the bedroom, also choose a metal bed. Prefer black and accessorize it with pastel bed linen. It will fit particularly well in a powder pink universe.

A natural bed

Purpose For a natural style, prefer a metal bed that recalls the branches of trees in the manner of this bed, the head of which has a graphic design with plant-like features.

A classic bed

Purpose For a very classic atmosphere in the bedroom, opt for a metal canopy bed that has beautiful scrolls. Keep the theme of metal for bedside tables and suspension.

An original bed

Fly Finally, to vary from any metal, you can combine this material with wood to give a very designer style with a touch of industrial spirit.