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10 eco-friendly gifts for Christmas

10 eco-friendly gifts for Christmas

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Christmas is fast approaching and you still do not know what to offer your children, parents, friends or your darling? This year, the trend is green gifts: you will please while making a gesture for the planet. Here are some green gift ideas…

A slate :

Queen mother Practice this wooden slate covered with slate paint mounted on a beech coat hook will allow you to note reminders and sweet words, and will be of the most beautiful effect in a kitchen for example.

The polar bear cap:

Pa Design Thanks to this cap bearing the image of a polar bear, you will no longer be able to stop a bottle without thinking of this animal which is on the way to extinction.

A linen cushion:

Love Creative People Offer this cushion in soft and comfortable recycled linen that will fit as well in a contemporary interior as in a charming interior.

Greenweez's plant frames:

Greenweez An original gift that will make your walls greener than ever. Just plant flowers and other plants and hang your frames on the wall and voila.

Bottles of milk:

Pop Corn The old glass milk bottles have been recovered and diverted here to make an unusual and quirky light that can be installed in the living room or in the kitchen.

A wooden coat hook:

Prairymood Offer this eco-friendly and funny coat hook which can be installed in a child's room or in an entrance hall to hang all your accessories.

The crumpled Pop Corn vase:

Pop Corn If you are tired of classic vases, you will fall for this vase with an unusual and poetic design which can also serve as an original champagne bucket.

A hanging egg:

Fly Fall for this egg shaped hanging chair that seems straight back from the 70s. This rattan chair will be perfect in a vintage interior.

A green slate sticker:

Cocoboheme Printed on vegetable support, this eco-friendly slate sticker in the shape of a cat can be stuck in the kitchen or in a child's room.