10 recipes for going around the world of pancakes

10 recipes for going around the world of pancakes

We all know our famous Breton pancakes! But this year, for candlelight, we are putting on originality and we are going to discover recipes from around the world. From the United States to Japan, pancakes are present around the world. Here, in pictures, are 10 variations with a sweet, exotic scent that will make your mouth water! Heat the crepe maker!

Chapati bread in India

Dinner For One A traditional accompaniment to North Indian dishes, chapati bread is a thin wheat pancake quickly baked in a cast iron pan. We like to taste it with all kinds of curry or simple sauces, just like its cousin, the naan, often stuffed with cheese, meat or vegetables. Source

Baghrirs in Morocco

La Petite Panière Made from flour, semolina, water, yeast and a hint of orange blossom, baghrirs are also commonly called thousand-hole pancakes. In Morocco, they are eaten with honey, butter or argan oil. A treat for breakfast! Source

Crumpets in Britain

Wolfermans In a more Anglo-Saxon version, we find these pancakes with a thousand holes in the United Kingdom. The crumpets, "So British" muffins, thick and very soft, are devoured at breakfast with eggs, cheese or butter and jam, according to his preference. Source

Blinis in Russia

Recipe du Monde We know them well! These small thick patties, coming from Russia, have accompanied our aperitifs and entrees for a long time. We love to taste them with smoked salmon, a few drops of lemon and crème fraîche or with the traditional caviar. Source

Tortilla in Mexico

Au Comptoir des Gourmets It is the basis of Mexican food. Plain, it is served as a side dish. Fried, it is eaten as an aperitif with sauces such as salsa or guacamole. Filled, it becomes a tacos, a burrito or a quesadilla according to preparation. There are many variations. It's up to you to choose yours! Source

Injera in ethiopia

Vegan Richa A great Ethiopian specialty, this savory pancake is also present in many countries in black Africa. Made from teff or millet flour, it is, like the Mexican tortilla, an accompaniment that can be enjoyed with the dish or with the food that is placed on it. Source

Okonomiyaki in Japan

Table Twenty Eight This pancake, made from eggs and cabbage, is made up of all kinds of ingredients depending on the region. Vegetables, meat or fish, you decorate your okonomiyaki like a pancake and then cook it on a hot plate. Finally, it is covered with a traditional sauce, okonomi, from which this famous pancake takes its name. Source

Pita bread in Lebanon

The Girl Who Ate Everything This thin Arab bread, often round or oval, very widespread in the Middle East, is generally the flagship accompaniment of all dishes. Kebab, kafta, kibbé, chich taouk, all are traditionally served inside a pita bread. In a similar style, we love manouchis, pancakes made from olive oil and sesame seeds. Source

The pane frattau in Italy

Essen und Trinken A traditional Sardinian dish, pane frattau is also called the shepherd's snack. This variation of the lasagna uses Carasau bread boiled and layered to make an appetizing puff pastry of pancakes in tomato sauce, with egg and cheese. Delicious ! Source