Fall in love with Leonardo's Primavera collection!

Fall in love with Leonardo's Primavera collection!

Nature deploys its charms for this collection dedicated to spring. Vases, birds, butterflies, decorative boxes, lanterns and bells, the German designer Leonardo, who has specialized in glassware for 150 years, unveils the first images of his brand new Primavera range. A delicate whole that creates an atmosphere conducive to renewal.

Pastel trend

Leonardo And this range is also available in candle jars. Smaller, the vases transform into receptacles for all kinds of candles. For a soft atmosphere, made of white, almond green and tender yellow. We love ! * The tealight holder, available in white, green, yellow: 5.95 euros *

The swallow makes spring

Leonardo Another essential piece of the Primavera collection, the decorative porcelain birds. They exist in many colors and can be accompanied by their aviary. A pretty decorative piece that immediately brings spring into the house. * The decorative bird, available in white, yellow, gray, green: from 2.95 euros The aviary: 8.95 euros *

Flagship parts

Leonardo In this atmosphere, we notice two rooms. The first, the bird mounted on a rod which brings a little more fantasy to the decor. And then, the two large table vases in matt glass and gray glass, very trendy. * The bird on stem: from 8.95 euros * * The table vase, available in mat glass, gray, white: 5.95 euros *

Even more glass

Leonardo Still in the spring spirit, we continue with the vases and flowers. Leonardo actually sells some plants, artificial or not, magnolias, crocuses, snowdrops or plum blossoms. All beautifully arranged in a Livia vase, another essential item in the collection. * Livia vase, available in 3 shapes: from 14.95 euros * * Plant: from 3.95 euros *

A little copper

Leonardo Change of register! The Primavera collection is also adorned with more raw materials such as copper. With this rectangular box, all in transparency, you present, as in a showcase, all kinds of objects, like cabinet of curiosities. * Copper and glass box: 29.95 euros *

Popular objects

Leonardo In the same style, there is the copper lantern. Perfect for installing a few candles, as here, for a warm and trendy decor. We also take the opportunity to mention the bell on the left, the cult object in decoration at the moment. Go for it! * Copper and glass lantern: 39.95 euros * * Glass bell with wooden dish: 16.95 euros *

Poetic inspiration

Leonardo Finally, we love these little paper candle jars. Sold with the right candle, they are placed wherever you want in the house and brings a poetic touch to any interior thanks to their pretty pastel decor. * Paper bag and candle holder: 3.95 euros *