A natural style for animal habitat

A natural style for animal habitat

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Just because your pets are domestic does not mean that they are not entitled to a habitat that reminds them of nature. Also for their comfort and to give a decorative style to the house they inhabit, we put on a bed or a cabin of nature style. Demonstration.

A house for ladybugs

Truffaut Small garden residents also have the right to shelter. By using this ladybug shelter designed from a tree trunk, you will favor their installation in your garden.

A bee hut

Truffaut Similarly, to protect the bees in your garden, you can opt for a wooden hut that will act as a real beehive. In the garden the habitat will be very decorative and ideal for small animals.

A house for all garden insects

Nature and Discovery To welcome all the insects in the garden and encourage their installation, you can provide yourself with a house with compartments which is used as a real hotel for bees, ladybugs and other small animals in the garden. Enough to promote biodiversity in your garden.

A wooden chicken coop

Truffaut If you want to welcome hens in your garden, bet on a chicken coop model with natural accents. For example, opt for a very simple wooden chicken coop that will remind a pretty teepee in the garden.

A natural cage for rodents

Truffaut In the house also animals are entitled to their dose of nature! For rodents, we put for example on a cage whose accessories abandon the traditional plastic in favor of wooden decorations.

A natural hutch for rabbits

Truffaut For rabbits, we put on a hutch which is installed inside. For the decorative aspect, we opt for a model all in wood and decorated with a few patterns of herbs and small rabbits for a rural touch.

A wooden aviary for birds

Truffaut For birds, also choose an aviary in a material such as wood. Inside, favor elements such as tree branches so that they arise as if they were in the wild.