The pompoms: softness and touches of color in your home

The pompoms: softness and touches of color in your home

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Tassels are one of the essential accessories to customize your interior and bring color to your walls, furniture or decorative items. But, if you think that they are confined only to the room of baby or your child, think again! They are found for all styles and in all rooms of the house, from the kitchen to the dining room through the bathroom or the entrance. Bed linen, curtain, bath towel, light fixture, carpet ... There is no shortage of ideas! Here are Do It Yourself and inspiring products to put in pompoms in the decoration.

A multicolored pompom rug

Blog Emilie Sans Chichi At the foot of the bed, in a small hallway or even at the doorstep, the pompom rug is wreaking havoc! Original and colorful, it instantly brightens up the room and gives a warm and cozy style to the space. It's up to you to make this kind of model using small woolen tassels. Source: Blog Emilie sans chichi

Original bath sheets

Pompoms and Caramel Blog Do you want to be able to easily recognize the bath towels of each member of your household? Opt for bath sheets of the same color but with pompoms of different colors at the ends. You can also embroider your own little colored pompoms. Source: Pompoms and Caramel Blog

Personalize your napkins

Blog It's almost Christmas For a snack or dinner, remember to install several pompoms on your napkins so that your guests can easily recognize their place. If you have lunch outside - on the terrace or in your garden - they will prevent the towels from flying away! Source: Blog It's almost Christmas

Having Japanese placemats

Oranjade / Bladi Design The pompoms are also found in the dining room thanks to these straw placemats edged with small colored wool balls. You can also use it on a dining area in the kitchen or on a coffee table in the living room for an aperitif with friends.

A poetic children's mobile

Fimonat / A Little Mercerie In the nursery, this cloud-shaped mobile is both soft and conducive to relaxation. The hanging pompoms make it easier for your child to fall asleep and will find their place in a small room without any worries. Available on A Little Mercerie

Personalize jars

Sorry So Blog To be able to find yourself between different glass jars, consider customizing their lids! This blogger had the good idea to stick multicolored pompoms on the lid of a container so that children can more easily catch it. Source: Sorry So Blog

A very soft awakening mat!

Poprika Mum Blog Baby Blog tends to crawl on the floor. So he needs a soft and soft floor covering, like this carpet entirely designed with pompoms. You can place him in a playroom or in a corner of his room so that he can discover his environment in complete safety. Source: Blog Poprika Mum Blog

A bohemian cushion

Kalinkids / A little market Bohemian style is more fashionable in the home than ever. On the sofa, it results in wool, mesh or felt cushions with more or less imposing pompoms. We love the harmony between light gray and vermilion that awakens the living room. For sale on A little Market

Make a wall hanging

Say the Pompom / The Kipi Blog Object of desire par excellence, the wall hanging has invaded the walls to give a personalized touch to a bedroom or an office. To make it stand out more, you can make it with elements in relief such as pompoms, dried flowers or pearls. Source: Say the Pompon

Opt for ethnic curtains

Urban Outfitters These pretty curtains give an ethnic and bohemian style to a bedroom or living room, thanks to their delicate sheeting and the small pompoms that can be found on the sides of the fabric. Choose them preferably in a warm and shimmering color to warm the room.

Create a garland with pompoms

Blog The underwear of Fifi joli pois The furniture also have the right to their makeover! To energize a dresser or sideboard, make a small garland made from colorful pompoms. You can also install this kind of decoration on net curtains or as a headboard for example. Source: Fifi Jolipois's Underwear Blog

Timeless chair slabs

Pier Import These models go through the years without going out of fashion. And for good reason, their fluorescent tones and their little pompoms are simply irresistible. It's up to you to place them in the kitchen, in the dining room or on your terrace or your outdoor living room.

Adopt a storage basket

Cyrillus The storage basket is the essential ally for storing all kinds of things throughout the house. Whether for dirty laundry in the bathroom, children's toys in the bedroom or magazines in the living room, it will change your life!

Hang a christmas wreath

Blog Bee Made Less than a month before Christmas Eve, it's time to think about customizing your front door! This year, innovate by making a Christmas wreath with pompoms. You can even get your kids involved and ask them to hang it up when it's done. Source: Bee Made Blog

Dress your windows

Pink Cotton Blog You don't like curtains but you still want to protect yourself from the vis-à-vis? Create several garlands of pompoms to hang on your windows and voila! This will avoid overshadowing a room that is not very spacious with overly large curtains. Source: Rose cotton blog

An unusual cushion!

Les Tresors de Jaya / A little market We love this funny cushion, which should make the little ones fall in love! In a living room or bedroom, it will bring a touch of madness with its pompom as a red nose. For sale on A Little Market

Create a unique photo frame

Bonnie Parker Creations Tired of classic photo frames? Remember to stick pompoms of different colors on a corner of a frame to dress it. Your bedside table will only get better decorated. Be careful not to hide the cliché. Source: Bonnie Parker Creations Blog

Christmas trees like no other

Rachel / My little pleasures To keep the kids busy during the long winter afternoons, invite them to make their own little trees, snowmen and Christmas balls with little colorful pompoms. You will be able to decorate your interior with the creations of your toddlers. Source: My Little Happiness Blog

A pop light

Morelumi / A Little Market To light up an entrance hall or a teenage bedroom in an original way, here is a lamp, to say the least, original. This Morelumi creation has LED bulbs covered with multicolored pompoms. Available on A Little Market