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Before / After: transforming a parental bathroom

Before / After: transforming a parental bathroom

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The interior designer Flora Auvray was responsible for all the renovation and restructuring of a Parisian apartment of 120 square meters. Among the rooms in the house, the master bathroom has therefore been modernized in gray and white tones but also optimized to accommodate a bathtub and WC. Result? A bright and refined bathroom in which we would stay for hours! Here is, step by step, the evolution of this site which presented many difficulties notably because of the shape of the piece. ** Area: ** 6m² ** Budget: ** € 20,000 including tax for the renovation of the room

From the bathroom to the powder room

Michel Antraygues ** After: ** In the most acute corner of the room, Sanindusa wall-hung toilets have been installed. A cupboard has been created above the Gébérit built-in tank. On the wall covering side, the left wall and the back behind the toilets have been painted gray to give more relief to the room whose ceiling has been repainted in white. The WC area is therefore very distinct from the sink area and the shower area.

Surface constraints

Flora Auvray ** Before: ** The bathroom was not easy to arrange because of its triangular shape and its reduced surface (6 square meters). All the more so since the owners had certain requirements: having a large bathtub, two sinks, but also ample storage space. The existing bathroom was therefore demolished and the plumbing and electrical work was started.

A bright bathroom

Michel Antraygues ** After: ** To compensate for the shape of the room, Flora Auvray had the idea of ​​placing an Oval-shaped bathtub, advancing it with respect to the angle and putting a mattress in material of white Corian type synthesis. To make the room brighter, the walls on the bath and sink side have been painted white. A two-color vanity unit - with ceramic top - allows you to store many beauty products while a rectangular mirror enlarges the space and provides additional light.

Give the walls a facelift

Flora Auvray ** Before: ** The existing tiling was pretty dull and needed to be modernized. The goal was to give a more contemporary look to the room while remaining in a sober and refined style in white and gray shades.

Design a custom shower screen

Michel Antraygues ** After: ** To enlarge the bathtub but also to avoid dirtying the bathroom floor, a shower screen was created to measure to follow the curve of the oval bathtub. It also allows you to take a shower without putting water anywhere in the room!

Rethinking the floor of the room

Flora Auvray ** Before: ** The existing floor tiles were very "dated". It was therefore necessary to find a more contemporary flooring but also a new covering for the bathtub so that it is more in tune with the times but also that it is harmonious with the room.

Playing on contrasts

Flora Auvray ** Pendant: ** On the walls, the architect chose white tiles (reference Linen Balance) from Iris Céramica. On the floor, large anthracite gray rectified porcelain tiles, signed Pavigrès, were laid to contrast with the white and gray of the wall panel located in the WC corner.

Mosaic on the bathtub

Flora Auvray ** After: ** The circumference of the bathtub is covered with a mosaic of dark gray glass from the Vidrepur brand. This allows both to give relief to the shower area but also to play on darker tones compared to the tiles on the wall.

A well-appointed bathtub

Michel Antraygues ** After: ** The details of the bathtub are very worked so that the wall of the shower allows entering and leaving very easily. All that is missing is pretty immaculate bath sheets! For more information, visit the Flora Auvray website.