The lighting of my credenza

The lighting of my credenza

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Just above the worktop, the credenza. After choosing its decorative style, its color and its material, for those who want it useful, it will be necessary to find a way to illuminate it. It will do us a great service when it comes to cutting onions, peeling potatoes and spreading the shortcrust pastry.

Site lamp

Fly ### Malignant this portable lamp. Inspired by the nomadic lamps used on construction sites, it naturally attaches to the credenza bar next to the ladles, whips and other kitchen utensils. A practical and efficient auxiliary light source.


Aviva ### Above a wooden splashback, two neon lights remind us that lighting well while taking up little space is possible.

Light shelf

Goal ### A large glass shelf with LEDs is profiled on this credenza to sublimate and illuminate it in beauty.

Extra spot

Fly ### Placed air on a side of the worktop, a spotlight, small and discreet, becomes an ideal source of light for the credenza. When preparing small dishes, we see more clearly!

Illuminated storage

Goal ### Above the splashback, a tall, bright piece of furniture is enough to light it up properly.

7 spots

Point P ### The credenza builds on excellence with lighting distributed by 7 spots in total. Eye comfort above all!

Booster lamp

Fly ### Because the splashback here is devoid of lighting, this kitchen has decided to remedy this by installing on its work surface, a small table lamp, a small auxiliary lamp. Ah, it's better!

Spots x 3

Ikéa ### Second example of spotlights fixed on the high cabinet of the kitchen come to illuminate the credenza and the work plan. Useful and resolutely discreet.

Spots x 3

Lapeyre ### Clearly, spots are popular on the side of the credenza, especially when they are multiplied by three.