Gardens as beautiful as they are romantic

Gardens as beautiful as they are romantic

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To the question "how romantic are you", you answer: at least as much as my garden ... Because between your desires of charm and sweetness at the time of relaxation, you sowed a little on your sentimental side to outside. Follow us, the reverie continues here, through this brief overview of gardens on edge.

A swing to dream

Leroy Merlin ### Magnificent garden swing, installed here, just to give us the benefit of a ray of sunshine, a gentle breeze, and a scent of flowers whether we are sitting or lying down. An ideal dream to get away from everyday life.

An isolated bench to escape

Leroy Merlin ### Tucked away in a corner of the garden, away from the hustle and bustle of the house, this bench seat invites you to daydream and enjoy delicious idleness breaks in complete privacy. A dream of spring and summer…

Romantic with flowers

Leroy Merlin ### What sentimental soul can do without flowers? It is precisely by cultivating within it magnolias, tulips, buttercups and sunflowers that this garden reveals its great sensitivity ... to which we are not indifferent!

The cabin at the bottom of the garden

Leroy Merlin ### After having traversed the perfectly mowed lawn and passed the shrubs trimmed as it should be, we discover an adorable wooden hut hidden behind the foliage of the trees at the bottom of the garden. Almost out of sight, this mysterious maisonette gives absolute charm to the outdoors.

Pergola as Poetry

Leroy Merlin ### At the bottom of the steps, an elegant pergola surrounded by climbing plants invites you to enter the garden. An absolutely romantic transition.

All the charm of a waterway

Leroy Merlin ### Because the water runoff soothes us, this water path crossing the garden can only enchant us. What romanticism!

Romantic atmosphere at night

Ikea ### It is well known. One of the keys to romanticism is none other than lighting. We lower the lights, we put on a subdued atmosphere. Outside too, the mood is dreamy when the night comes. Make way for light garlands and a few lanterns…

Naturally romantic

Leroy Merlin ### A hidden storage house at the far end of the garden, and to access it, a small wooden path: that's how to take advantage of land left fallow to make it a charming setting.

In the footsteps of Japanese steps

Truffaut ### The timeless Japanese steps have the gift of making a romantic passage on the lawn without breaking the visual harmony of the garden.