10 curtains for winter

10 curtains for winter

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In winter, the house is caulked, the decor is softer and the interiors are adorned with their most beautiful curtains! Aesthetic as well as insulating, the latter dress the windows and put the final point to interior decoration by harmonizing the room. During the cold season, we prefer thick fabrics with a nice heavy fall - velvet, wool, jacquard - to perfect the cocoon and warm look of a living room or bedroom. Whether accessorized with bases or dropped as is, custom-made or already sewn, patterned or plain, they remain the essential decorative accessory for a neat and friendly interior.

Anise tint

Lelièvre Lelièvre winter curtains are available in two soft and harmonious anise tones. Without being too marked, the color delicately tints the walls and gives a personalized imprint to this room.

The softness of wool

La Redoute Kudos for these heavy-duty curtains by La Redoute. Ideal for winter, they perfectly insulate windows from the cold when they are pulled. With their 5 trendy colors, we adopt them without delay!

Charcoal grey

Ikea These pretty dark gray curtains are on trend and have the advantage of marrying all the colors and decorative styles. Above, they bring out with simplicity the superb yellow armchairs from the Stockholm collection by Ikea.

Jacquard, the ultimate winter fabric

The redoubt Abandoned in recent years in favor of cotton, bachette canvas or linen, the jacquard is making a very noticeable comeback in our interiors. With the nobility of its drapery and the richness of its prints, it brings a chic and whimsical touch to the house.

The ikat as we like it

3 Suisses How about wintering with its pretty ikat-print curtains? Long reserved for ethnic atmospheres, it is now combined with more design and minimalist decorations. In winter, these curtains will warm your stay with their pretty ocher hue.

Royal blue

Designers Guild Here is a beautiful staging by Designers Guild. The royal blue of the jacquard curtains and the sofa blends harmoniously with the palettes of light gray and the brown of the wood. We love the semi-classic, half-design mix!

Cozy English style

Ikea Ikea proves to us with this cozy arrangement that flowers are not just for girls! This timeless stay seduces us with its light retro touch and soothing colors. The curtains, which act as partitions, give style to the whole.

Flowers in winter

Designers Guild Why reserve flowers in summer only, when they bring so much joy to the winter period? Adopt flower power with this mix of curtains designed by the masters of the Designers Guild fabric. The living room immediately takes on a lighter and brighter look!

Neutral tones

Leroy Merlin To emphasize the cocoon and warm aspect of your home, bet on neutral tones and beautiful variations of brown. Color star of winter, it has the advantage of marrying with many shades and reviving a somewhat dull interior. We find the curtain collection above at Leroy Merlin, which dresses your windows in tweed or linen look cotton for the chic touch.