A well-organized living room

A well-organized living room

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The living room is the room where you spend the most time at home. It must be clear, comfortable and above all practical. For this, we adopt the philosophy of "Less is more" (the lighter we are, the better) by removing as much space from our living room and fitting it out in a thoughtful way. Choose the different spaces you need (relaxation, dining room, reading corner, office, etc.) without forgetting that the square meters are not adjustable! Opt for practical furniture (liftable table, large bookcase for storage, convertible sofa, etc.) and above all, do a great sorting before you start installing furniture and decor. The editorial staff selected 10 pieces of clear and orderly living space: get inspired before you start!

Choose the colors well

Alinea Too many colors in the same room interfere with her understanding. The general atmosphere of the stay becomes overloaded and disorganized, even if it is tidy! We therefore choose a maximum of three different tones or a variation of a single color for more fluidity.

An XXL library

Ikea What could be better for an organized living room than a maximum of storage? This large format library becomes a decorative element in its own right thanks to its imposing and warm look. You can classify your books and trinkets in an artistic way to give an artistic touch to your stay!

Separate work and relaxation area

Boconcept Bonconcept seduces us with this designer and airy living room. The workspace is visually separated from the rest of the room thanks to the section of the dark wall against which it is arranged. We love the neutral tones of this large living room and the creative pieces of furniture.

A dressing room in the living room

Ikea This is not a common thing, and yet Ikea has successfully completed this style exercise. Thanks to pretty curtains that obscure the different shelves, the storage space of this large dressing room fits perfectly into this small living room. With its relaxation area, well-appointed kitchen and dining room, this small living room has everything it needs!

Equip yourself with an overhead shelf

AMPM The XXL shelf will quickly become the centerpiece of your interior, and your best storage ally. We choose it with a few closed cupboards as on this model signed AMPM to hide unsightly objects.

Studio for young couple

Alinea Alinea offers us here her practical and well thought out version of the studio. With its bright red furniture of small size and its futuristic lighting, this invigorating living space has everything to attract young people who plan their first installation as a couple or solo.

Exploit the walls

Ikea We don't think often enough about using the walls to store various objects on the wall. Thanks to the many design coat hooks now available in decoration stores, it is possible to make pretty very graphic scenes and thus organize your living room as well as possible.

A shelf to delimit the spaces

Mobalpa The shelf is the right compromise to separate a room while letting the light through. In addition to the storage space it offers, it nicely delimits the kitchen area of ​​the dining room.

Declutter space

Alinea Last rule of thumb to organize your living space as best as possible: sort, store, donate and declutter! Take the time to get rid of items and clothes you no longer need and free up walls and cupboards as much as possible. A little decorative touch will do the rest!


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