Discover the Now By Hulstä collection

Discover the Now By Hulstä collection

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If we invite you to discover the Now By Hulstä collection today, it is because it is incredible! Both elegant and contemporary, it consists of easy-going, practical and open shelves, personalized storage and hi-fi furniture that meet our needs. In short, we love it! Let yourself be convinced with these 10 new features.

Decorative storage

Hulstä In addition to being able to choose the size of your storage unit, you can choose the doors! The latter are white at the base, but you can choose to add a more or less thick band. It will then have one of the following colors: white lacquer, gray lacquer, sand lacquer, glossy white, glossy gray and glossy sand.

A shelf with many possibilities

Hulstä Here you find a shelf that combines walnut, gray lacquer, blue lacquer and terracotta lacquer. The furniture offers many possibilities since it has open spaces and closed spaces. It's up to you to adjust your desires according to your needs!

Chameleon furniture

Hulstä Still in the Now Vision collection, we discover an elegant piece of furniture that elegantly combines shiny black, natural oak and blue lacquer. This very contemporary piece of furniture adapts to all your desires! It can receive books, decorative items, crockery, etc.

An open library

Hulstä Regular and open, this library shines with its simplicity. It goes perfectly with white lacquer and petroleum lacquer and will be perfect for highlighting all your collections.

XXL shelves

Hulstä Like a shelving unit, this imposing library allows you to store and display a maximum of things. Everything you want to highlight will find its place on this piece of furniture that combines natural oak, black lacquer and blue lacquer.

The furniture in white and black

Hulstä This piece of furniture is incredibly contemporary. In white and black, it consists of several elements. The first is placed on the floor and several elements are hung on the wall. So you can customize everything according to the size of your screen.

A design lounge

Thanks to the Now by Hulstä collection, you can make your living room a trendy space. The proof in pictures with this staging in which the furniture adapts to the size of the screen and the different hi-fi elements that have their place in the living room.

All in black

Hulstä Here you will find another hi-fi set which allows you to have a screen, various players and decoders, and decorative elements. We love the closed elements that are hung and that allow you to store and clear the room. Because of its black color, the whole is simply elegant!

A winning combination

Hulstä Here we discover one of the many other possibilities to arrange a living room. Once again, the furniture adapts to your equipment and your desires. The objects to be highlighted are placed on the open parts and the rest in the cupboards out of sight!