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Bed linen welcomes spring!

Bed linen welcomes spring!

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When spring arrives, the bed linen is transformed to provide a spring atmosphere to your entire room. With delicate flowers that settle on the duvet cover or pillows and refreshing colors, bed linen welcomes sunny days for our pleasure. Discover 10 bed linen ideal for the spring-summer season.

Contemporary flowers

Anne de Solène To modernize the flower bed linen, Anne de Solène relies on graphic associations. So the flowers settle on the bottom of the duvet cover and the rest of the bed linen has polka dots and stripes for a very contemporary style.

Japanese flowers

Anne de Solène To bring an exotic touch to the bedroom, the bed linen is adorned with large flowers with a light line. Some have started to be colored like a Japanese sketch and others are still colorless to provide very delicate bed linen.

Stylized flowers

Anne de Solène For a designer touch in the bedroom, spring flowers take on a stylized look thanks to geometric stripes. The pattern then appears pixelated for a decorative and original style.

Very classic flowers

Anne de Solène To play the card of elegance, you can opt for very classic bed linen with bouquets of peonies blooming on a bed in powdery tones.

Flowers all over the surface of the bed

Escada If you want a very present floral pattern without it being stuffy, choose this set where the pattern is softened in certain places, with much lighter colors, like washed out. The rendering is very delicate.

Bed linen that evokes the sea

Escada Know that to evoke spring, it's not just flowers! Indeed, you can opt for bed linen in shades of blue and green to remind the sea and its beautiful nuances.

Delicate colors

Escada Also bet on the freshness of a pastel-colored bed linen. They will bring a lot of softness to the room. And for a touch of femininity, we choose patterns that evoke embroidery.

Bright colors

Home spirit And if for you, spring evokes above all the sun and the beautiful colors of nature, prefer bed linen in bright colors like red or fuchsia.

Seaside bed linen

Esprit Home Finally, to evoke holidays by the sea, we put on bed linen that uses colors like navy blue and white. The stripes can also give a very decorative sailor style!