10 characterful teen rooms

10 characterful teen rooms

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Adolescence is a transitional period during which the child builds his personality and asserts his tastes. The decoration of his room is often modified to follow trends and become more mature in the choice of colors and furniture. Black, vibrant colors, trendy desk, loft bed… The layout is transformed to make room for a double bed, a substantial workspace and bold colors. When the room must be shared with a younger brother or sister, our teens want to mark their territory all the more and differentiate themselves from the rest of the siblings! gives you the keys to a personalized and comfortable room that will appeal to parents and young children.

Campus spirit

Maisons du Monde Like the student rooms in the United States, this teenage room focuses on decor and comfort. With its very sporty atmosphere, it will certainly seduce boys looking for a personalized universe.

4 in 1

Ikea Very clever arrangement for this room designed for four teenagers. The two bunk beds have been decorated with curtains in the manner of boat cabins for maximum privacy. Each space has been personalized with a color and a decorative style so that everyone finds their own universe when they need to rest.

Girly chic

Secret de chambre This pretty room with character has a very feminine boudoir atmosphere. The furniture is enhanced with a touch of black for the chic side, the powder pink comes when to soften the whole: successful bet!

Male gray

Boconcept The Boconcept brand has known its current success thanks to the careful sobriety of its furniture and accessories. Here we find all the elements of a beautiful boy's room: shades of gray, designer accessories and sleek furniture.

Vitamin shades

Alinea A harmonious and full of pep's for this teenage bedroom imagined by Alinea. The combination of red, aqua blue and black works perfectly. We also applaud the simplicity and practicality of the layout!

Artist's room

Ikea Esprit Street Art in this room mixing black and bright colors. The workspace is well separated from the sleeping area, with - icing on the cake - a sofa to relax and receive friends. The arty detail that appeals to us: the spray-painted chest of drawers with paint drips!

Female rock

Maisons du Monde The rock bedroom imagined by Maisons du Monde is made up of modern furniture enhanced by very elaborate decorative accessories (headboard, cushions, plaid, etc.). The girly tones - pink, white and purple - are "broken" by a touch of black. The good decor idea: vinyls superimposed on the wall for the graphic side.

Special small spaces

Alinea Here is a well thought out and decorated small bedroom: separate sleeping and relaxation area, perfectly complementary colors and well-chosen decorative accessories.

Share your room

Ikea The Swedish giant Ikea, specialist in clever arrangements, imagined this double bedroom for girls in pink and black. Two decorative styles well defined and highlighted: on one side a modern and girly teen bedroom, on the other a little girl's bedroom with pastel tones and a romantic atmosphere.


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