No room in the house can resist red!

No room in the house can resist red!

When the decor blushes, a scent of strawberry, a spicy mood and a world of passions awakens in us. Impossible to remain insensitive to the color of fire, its greed, its malicious air, its glamor side! But before succumbing to it, let's fill up with ideas to tame it well, namely that all the spaces of the house can lend themselves to play.

Red as bedroom

Castorama ### In search of a glamorous atmosphere while avoiding overly invigorating tones, the bedroom chose to wrap itself in a red currant coat, fresh, refined and soothing.

Red as a kitchen

Lapeyre ### The secret of this designer kitchen? Have dared a scarlet red for the walls before balancing it with slate-colored furniture. So chic!

Red as a child's room

Paragraph ### Poppy red and cherry red coexist harmoniously in this little girl's room giving it a little playful side…

Red as a terrace

Paragraph ### Even the terrace demands red and we do it well by dressing the table in a pretty spicy color. The meal in the sun promises to be festive!

Red as an entry

Ikéa ### The little decorative note that zwing the entrance? Its bright red door! A bold choice which contrasts with the sky blue color of the walls, thus giving volume to the studio.

Red as a corridor

Leroy Merlin ### Are you bored of classic corridors? What if you energize yours with color? In red, it would have the advantage of not going unnoticed…

Red as a bathroom

Lapeyre ### The bathroom also likes red, provided it is soft. A dark shade is therefore to be preferred to accentuate its sober and feminine inclination. Judge by yourself !

Red as office

Maisons du Monde ### The office was overwhelmed by a strawberry red color and peas as far as the eye could see. The rendering is pretty and cute, simply chewable!

Red as the dining room

Maisons du Monde ### American breakfast in this dining room that sees life in red, from the American bar, to the sign or to the Coca Cola chair!