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Romantic breaks in the Mandarin Oriental Hotels of Europe

Romantic breaks in the Mandarin Oriental Hotels of Europe

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A dream vacation? Yes it's possible. For you alone, ** the Mandarin Oriental hotel group ** invites you to explore its four large establishments in the most beautiful European cities: ** Barcelona **, ** London **, ** Paris ** and ** Prague **. On the agenda: an exclusive romantic weekend where luxury and well-being become one…

Mandarin Oriental Barcelona: Living room of the Penthouse Suite

Mandarin Oriental ### The living area of ​​the *** Penthouse Suite *** of the ** Mandarin Oriental ** of ** Barcelona ** captivates us with its trio of elegant colors black, gray and beige. Between luxury and relaxation, this **** located on the top floor can accommodate up to eight guests.

Mandarin Oriental Barcelona: Penthouse Suite Bathroom

Mandarin Oriental ### The extraordinary bathroom of the *** Penthouse Suite *** dazzles us with its magnificent soft wood bathtub, which invites you to a view of the most prestigious of the Catalan capital…

Mandarin Oriental London Hyde Park: Deluxe Park Suite Room

Mandarin Oriental ### If you are traveling with family or friends, this extraordinary English chic suite will impress you with its majestic view of the lush vegetation of ** Hyde Park **. Its unequaled comfort by its brown, beige, golden tones and with floral patterns will make you feel like in the most sophisticated English house in ** London **…

Mandarin Oriental London Hyde Park: Ballroom

Mandarin Oriental ### Built in ** 1889 **, the sparkling and historic *** Ballroom *** of the ** Mandarin Oriental London Hyde Park ** remains the place par excellence where ** Her Majesty the Queen Elizabeth II ** took her big steps as a dancer…

Mandarin Oriental London Hyde Park: Royal Suite Lounge

Mandarin Oriental ### Contemplate the living room of the *** Royal Suite *** of the ** Mandarin Oriental London Hyde Park **, which, faithful to its Victorian architectural heritage, mixes lightness and modernity. Her little extra? It can be transformed into a conference room by its state-of-the-art audiovisual system signed *** Bang & Olufsen *** hidden behind the old mirrors.

Mandarin Oriental Paris: Bedroom of the Mandarin Royal Suite

Mandarin Oriental ### A breathtaking suite with its spacious bedroom complete with a refined bathroom decorated with golden cabochons on the floor, a hammam and an incredible bathtub offering a legendary view of the ** Eiffel Tower **.

Mandarin Oriental Paris: Salon of the Royal Mandarin Suite

Mandarin Oriental ### In this ** 350 square meter ** duplex suite, take part in an opulent decoration of the ** 30s ** granted by a palette of gold, white, beige and plum tones married to unique materials such as golden oak, marble, velvet or silk. A romance atmosphere to perfection…

Mandarin Oriental Paris: Bathroom Mandarin Room

Mandarin Oriental ### Relax in this shiny and graceful bathroom of the ** Mandarin room ** where exotic oriental touches and Parisian chic combine to create a universe of softness and delicacy dedicated to relaxation…

Mandarin Oriental Prague: The Barego

Mandarin Oriental ### Enjoy delicious cocktails at *** Barego ***, a bar with modern and pop rock design from ** Mandarin Oriental ** from ** Prague **. Its red leather chairs and its bar painted in black and white invite you in a unique setting with friends…