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10 very decorative Easter treats!

10 very decorative Easter treats!

Easter is often an opportunity to set up a beautiful table and get together with the family. And for your meal to be very decorative, we think of chocolate treats that will serve both as table decor and dessert at the end of the meal. We have selected for you 10 Easter treats that will appeal to young and old.

Boiled eggs

Picard If the egg carton doesn't appeal to you, you may prefer frozen milk chocolate eggs, vanilla ice cream and Picard caramel sauce. Take out your egg cups!

Easter nest cake

Angelina At Angelina, we revisit the traditional Mont-Blanc in a chocolate version to seduce the most gourmet. With these chocolate vermicelli, this cake looks like an Easter nest and will have its small effect at dessert time.

Traditional chocolates

Leonidas At Leonidas, we are building on tradition! You will then find a set of classics baptized Charlotte and Louis who are none other than a bell and a stylized hen in a pretty gift box.

A chocolate piggy bank

Arnaud Delmontel Arnaud Delmontel revisits Easter with a piggy bank in spring chocolate. With its chewable look, the expression "breaking your piggy bank" takes on its full meaning because you will have to break the superb pig to be able to taste it.

Original hens

Fauchon At Fauchon, the image of chickens is completely dusted! The Swimming Poules collection offers designer and funny hens in swimsuits. What surprise surprise for Easter.

A little chick

Jean-Paul Hévin At Jean-Paul Hévin, the chicken and the egg are honored in a single chocolate creation which is none other than a hatching egg that lets see the eyes of a little chick.

Macarons for Easter

Ladurée To celebrate Easter, it's not just chocolate! You can also opt for a delicious box of Ladurée macaroons. For the month of April, a limited series box is dressed in a ribbon garland holding two pretty bells of flowers entwined.

A birthday egg

Ladurée And to celebrate the 150th anniversary of Ladurée, you can treat yourself to an engraved Easter egg garnished with dark chocolate, milk and macaroon candies. All topped with a beautiful ribbon.

Design chocolate

Monbana Finally, to play the card of sobriety and design at Easter while tasting chocolate, we put on the Monbana cube which contains chocolates to taste. The cube will sit on your table like a real sculpture.

Chocolates to send

Aquarelle Finally, if you are not with your friends or families to celebrate Easter, consider sending them gourmet eggs thanks to Aquarelle Gourmand. ** And you, what have you planned to celebrate Easter? Share your good ideas on the ** forum