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Mélanie's 10 mountain chalet inspirations

Mélanie's 10 mountain chalet inspirations

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As soon as temperatures approach zero, I want to transform my little home into a real cocoon. For this, I do not hesitate to go and draw my decorating ideas from the chalets in the mountains, super cozy and warm. A short stay in Megève tempts you? Follow the guide !

A piece of furniture: a wooden wardrobe

Maisons du Monde Note that you don't have to adopt the total chalet look to add a mountain touch to your decor. The proof with this only raw wood wardrobe which creates a soft natural atmosphere in this living room.

A decorative idea: a wood effect wallpaper

Castorama We are not all lucky enough to have beautiful walls of raw wood. To remedy this, there are nice wallpapers with a wooden plank effect that will play the game perfectly, as here posed at the head of the bed in the bedroom. Enveloping and delicate, it gives the room that little cocoon touch it was missing!

A motif: the Vichy

Eminza / Alésia decoration shop Not only reserved for picnic tables, know that the Vichy motif is a fan of the dining rooms of mountain chalets. I find that it fits perfectly with light wooden furniture a bit rustic, don't you?

An essential brand: Arpin

Arpin Almost bicentennial, Filature Arpin is an essential brand for mountain decorations. My 100% wool plaid, received as a gift a year ago, has also found its place on the sofa as soon as the cold arrives. //

A handmade creation: a log stool

Maisons du Monde Do you have the soul of a lumberjack? So here is an idea that will not fail to displease you. Create a seat, a side table or an original bedside table with a log ... Nice, right?

An atmosphere: a lounge by the fire

Maisons du Monde A warm leather sofa, old wooden skis, animal skin ... here we are, in a chalet atmosphere in the mountains as I like them. The little extra that warms up: a roaring fire that crackles all evening.

A shop: Le Coin Montagne

Le Coin Montagne Do you want to create an authentic chalet chalet atmosphere in the mountains? This shop is ideal! Buffet, bed, table and small decor full of charm await you! 20 route de Briançon, 05240 La Salle-les-Alpes

A destination: The Refuge in Megève

The Refuge Wood, wood… and cow skins on the chairs, we are in a real chalet atmosphere in the mountains. Located in Megève, the restaurant Le Refuge invites us to taste a delicious fondue in a very traditional setting.

An exterior: a chalet terrace

Le Chalet des Envers If you have a balcony or a terrace, you can also give them a little mountain chalet atmosphere. A taupe tablecloth, pretty furs on wooden chairs, and voila!