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Green for a spring spirit in the house

Green for a spring spirit in the house

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The arrival of spring marks the renewal of nature. And in the house, it is the green color that evokes this season. It is then used in all rooms of the house to brighten up the decor. Demonstration.

Green to energize children's rooms

Paragraph For the children's room, you can choose a bright green which will bring a playful spirit to the room. We can combine it with other bright colors like red to accentuate the effect.

Very soothing pastel green

Dulux Valentine If you want a very soothing atmosphere using green, you will have to turn to very soft pastel tones. For example, this will be ideal for promoting sleep in a bedroom.

Dark green

La Redoute For a bedroom, you can also choose fairly dark green, almost tinged with khaki. Indeed this color will bring a natural touch without being too dynamic.

Green bed linen

La Redoute If you don't want to paint your room green, consider using bed linen of this color. Then choose a fairly natural atmosphere for the rest of the room.

A natural atmosphere

Dulux Valentine To give a natural atmosphere to a living room, one can choose to paint the walls in green which one associates with furniture in natural colors. The atmosphere is then very sweet.

Tart green for a kitchen

Dulux Valentine For an original decoration in the kitchen, you can choose a very tart green. Then paint your low furniture and combine green with wood for a very warm spirit.

Green in a designer kitchen

Leroy Merlin To keep the design spirit of your kitchen with clean lines, paint the walls in a slightly muted green which will contrast with the white of the furniture. Then play with the green plants to finalize the decor.

Green in a studio

Leroy Merlin To brighten up a studio, you can use the color green. If the surface is not very large, simply paint the bottom of the walls and bet on the accessories.

Pop green

Ikea For the kitchen, you can also choose a nice tart green that will be used for the lacquered furniture of the kitchen for a very pop atmosphere.


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