Christmas colors

Christmas colors

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To give a festive atmosphere to your interior, it's not just red Santa Claus! On the contrary, all colors can create a Christmas decor that will not lack originality. Discover color ideas to adopt for the holidays.


La Redoute Silver will also be an ideal color to give a precious touch to the decor while focusing on a contemporary atmosphere. We associate it perfectly with white, blue or pink.


Ikea To change a bit from the traditional red, you can bet on fuchsia. We will then adopt a bright and festive color that we will associate with other warm colors such as red, orange or yellow.

Green revisited

Ikea To give a little pep's to the traditional green, we move away from the fir tone to adopt a more tangy green which will wake up the decor of the house. With bright red, Christmas is nicely revisited.

Of white

Paragraph For snow enthusiasts, nothing beats a white Christmas. We then adopt this pure color and very design in the decor of the house. As a table decoration, on the tree ... White works everywhere!


Fly Because Christmas is above all a celebration, we can adopt a multicolored color code that will not fail to come alive. Mix the different colors for a festive atmosphere that will recall the spirit of Christmas in a gypsy way.

Deep blue

Beauvillé Know that blue is a color that is well suited to Christmas parties because it evokes the night and goes particularly well with silver for a decor of frosty inspiration.

Of black

Beauvillé What if we dusted off Christmas by adopting black for the decor? Both on the tree and on the festive table, originality will be in order with a decor that mixes tradition and design.

Red Santa Claus

Fly The indestructible Christmas color remains red! And if you want to modernize the decor, don't hesitate to integrate this color into your interior with furniture and accessories.

Red and white

Linvosges Finally, for a decor that remains traditional, nothing beats the red and white that recall the famous Santa Claus habit. You will get a warm decor in the purest tradition.