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A rodent cage that appeals to children

A rodent cage that appeals to children

If your children dream of a rodent, you will have to find a cage worthy of the name. And to please the children who will have to take care of it, there are now very playful cages that really look like toys. Futuristic shapes or princess castles may help your little ones to want to clean the famous cage.

A traditional cage revisited

Monsieur Bricolage To bring a more playful touch to traditional cages, you will find models that incorporate original elements such as this transparent tube which allows you to go around the cage by passing over it.

A transparent cage

Monsieur Bricolage The new cage models play the transparency card in order to be able to better observe this new companion. This very playful cage then incorporates a mesh part and a living space in transparent plastic in order to follow the movements of the rodent.

An original cage

Monsieur Bricolage For a more original cage, choose a model that mixes mesh and transparent part in very bright colors. With a few playful accessories, the rodent and your child should have fun.

An evolving cage

Monsieur Bricolage This rodent cage has a plastic housing with a large transparent part. And the real plus is that it is modular to enlarge the playing space of the rodent. Like a car circuit, you can add tubes or small complementary modules.

A pop cage

Monsieur Bricolage If you want a cage that is out of the ordinary, you can also opt for a rounded model that looks like a small UFO. With colors like orange and blue, the cage looks really pop.

An amusement park cage

Mr. DIY To make your rodent's cage look like a real amusement park, we choose a spectacular cage whose modules come out of the frame of the cage to create a mini spaceship in height or a very original big wheel.

A cage in the shape of a princess castle

Truffaut For little girls who dream of being princesses, we put on a cage in the shape of an enchanted castle. As for the rodent, it will be able to climb up to the towers of the castle using walkways / slides.

A very natural cage

Truffaut For nature lovers, you will find a cage with all the wooden accessories. The cage always remains as fun with a wheel, a ladder to access a platform and a swing.

A practical cage

Finally, always check that the cage is practical to use. Indeed, the ideal is that it has two doors to allow you to take the hamster out wherever it is, but also that it can be easily removed to allow cleaning.