Guided tour of the luxury guest rooms at the Sand Castle in Cavalaire

Guided tour of the luxury guest rooms at the Sand Castle in Cavalaire

If you dream of a beautiful decorative address, in a Provencal house on the shores of the Mediterranean, take a good look at the following, you will love it. Château de Sable is located on the wonderful Cavalaire beach, 20 minutes from Saint-Tropez. Its luxurious rooms, combine contemporary spirit and authenticity of a Provencal house.

The decoration of the house

Chateau de Sable The decoration of the house is based on favorites and materials that caught the eye of the owner. Some objects come from the marble workshop, such as the boards that cover the wall of the fireplace that were used to saw the marble slabs. She did not want there to be too many colors but rather a simple base which accommodates and highlights the objects.

A landscaped garden

Chateau de Sable The house's policy has been to show the sea as much as possible. Its main advantage is to be a few minutes from the beach and from the front door you can already admire it. There is also a pond in the garden to cool off.

The Balthazar room

Chateau de Sable This time the room opens onto a private terrace on the garden side. Like the decoration of the house, neutral tones are in the spotlight. Only a few splashes of bright color enliven the whole.

Constance Room

Chateau de Sable This is the most spacious room in the house. Unlike the other bedrooms, the bed was not placed facing the sea, but the latter has a relaxation area composed of a bench seat, placed facing the window with an idyllic view of the Mediterranean.

The terrace of the Constance room

Chateau de Sable Adjoining the bedroom, the terrace is furnished with a bed and a table for two people. Beautiful dimensions, it offers a pleasant setting to rest and enjoy the exceptional climate of the region.

The Hermine room

Chateau de Sable In contrasting colors, the bedroom is open on the bathroom and has a direct view of the sea. The private terrace faces the sea and can be seen from the bed and even from the bathroom!

The terrace

Chateau de Sable All rooms have an outdoor area with an exceptional view of nature. Large in size, they offer a beautiful living space for reading, enjoying the view or even dining.

The jade room

Chateau de Sable The bedroom meets regional and more modern materials for a decoration that combines authenticity and contemporary. Decorative bonus: from the bed it is possible to see the sea for an idyllic awakening.

The bathrooms

Chateau de Sable All the bathrooms are on the same decorative scheme where the black color combines with white for an offensive and very modern color contrast.