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A trendy teen bedroom to recreate at home

A trendy teen bedroom to recreate at home

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Is your teen looking for a trendy bedroom? We help you recreate a trendy space inspired by this room with an urban atmosphere that is sure to please your child looking for style and independence.

Decorative shopping: Stone effect wallpaper

Koziel To continue with the material effects, the teenage bedroom will adopt a very graphic stone effect wallpaper that you will choose in a dark color. You will find this type of wallpaper at Koziel.

Decorative shopping: Stores

Saint Maclou To refine the decor of the walls, we dress the windows. But we do not choose too classic curtains but blinds that will add the urban atmosphere to the room. In gray or black, voila.


Maisons du monde From New York to Paris via Tokyo, the urban trend arrives in the teenagers' rooms and reflects the importance taken by the city in our daily lives. Your teenager dreams of settling down in New York? Decorate her bedroom with a headboard that takes the shape of the famous New York skyscrapers.

Shades of gray and red

3 Suisses Exit the traditional black and white and bright colors, the urban trend is available in a palette of gray. From light gray to black brick, through asphalt, concrete

Unusual shelves

On the side of your home In an urban room, the decoration must be simple and the atmosphere must be friendly and attractive. To bring dynamism to this somewhat austere style, you can also bet on graphic and colorful shelves, inspired by the skyscrapers of the major megalopolises of the world.

Decorative shopping: Star bed linen

Heytens On the bed, we play with the star pattern which will accentuate the graphic atmosphere of the bedroom. To stay in the urban theme, we opt for colors like white, gray and black.

Decorative shopping: Small cushions

La Redoute Because urban style does not mean that the atmosphere should not be warm, you will have some gray cushions on the bed. It is decorative but above all very useful for moments of relaxation and to receive friends.

Decorative shopping: exotic cushions

Maisons du monde Conversely, instead of betting on a little too sober cushions, you could just as well opt for cushions from all over the world. Printed with a symbol of the city of New York, London or Paris, they will add a little note of color to your urban decor.

Home Shopping: A Clean Office

Goal Because a teenage bedroom must have an office, we opt for a model halfway between design and industrial style, architect style. The lines will be clean and very graphic.

Decorative shopping: A pop chair

Fly For the office chair, put aside the classic armchairs and wake up the decor with a pop-inspired model that combines plastic and bright color. It will be the touch of color in the room.

Decorative shopping: A retro fan

Purpose To dress the office, we opt for a funny decorative object: a retro fan that will give a slightly industrial atmosphere to the room in the blink of an eye.

Home Shopping: A New York Painting

Purpose To set the scene for the urban atmosphere of the room, nothing like a painting that evokes New York. For a harmonious decor, stay in dark colors.

Decorative shopping: an original stool

Pa Design For an arty side in the room, we put on special straps which will transform teen's favorite magazines into a decorative stool.

Loft spirit

Purpose A mixture of raw materials and soft textiles, matt and shiny, our little lovers of the loft spirit will recognize themselves in this new contemporary and urban atmosphere. A twilight and sophisticated staging for an astonishing result in the bedroom of our teens.

Graffiti wallcovering

Over the colors Rich materials, worked or lacquered, the walls, furniture and decorative objects are as if tattooed or even engraved in urban decoration. Also, do not hesitate to cover a section of your wall covered with graffiti and inspired by street culture.

Graphic flooring

Castorama In an urban style decoration, the important thing is to recreate the atmosphere of the street. So opt for a vinyl floor printed with "Street" codes. New York motif for a travel side, in metal for a more industrial style. It's up to you to choose the atmosphere you want to recreate in your teen's bedroom.

Total look or small touches?

Conforama The urban trend is nourished by several very diverse influences to become one: inspired by large cities, loft and industrial style. If you're concerned that it's too dark or just not to your liking, go for it in subtle touches. Dark furniture, wall or red sheet ... all options are possible, provided you match them!

Decorative shopping: Decorative accessories from the street

Maisons du monde Unlike the raw appearance of urban decoration, furniture, textiles and decorative accessories bring a little comfort and conviviality. Do not hesitate to disseminate here and there some well-chosen accessories: a taxi or a miniature statue of liberty, a small London cabin or an American flag for example.

Decorative shopping: A comfortable seat

Maisons du monde Did you think that urban decoration was austere? Think again. On the contrary, it is a dynamic style, design that favors silky, pleasant materials and comfortable furniture. So prefer a seat, beanbags and cushions where you will be comfortable. A real return to the "lounge" spirit which is very timely!