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Little Friture's design to discover

Little Friture's design to discover

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Design editor since 2009, Petite Friture is developing a catalog of objects, lights and small furniture signed by emerging and confirmed talents with the idea of ​​creating a vibration in the viewer. The bet is successful with a collection that is both simple and original that we invite you to discover in 10 images.

The Cross cushion

Petite Friture Colored with subtlety and graphics thanks to an interlacing of stripes, this pretty cushion is designed to wake up any sofa or armchair.

Ray suspensions

Petite Friture The designer Thomas Kral revisits the traditional lampshade to give birth to an original suspension made of expanded sheet metal which evokes the shape of a light beam. The mesh that covers the bulb then creates a diffuse and original lighting.

The Market chair

Petite Friture Signed Noé Duchaufour Lawrance, this chair is inspired by market stalls and thus offers a fixed structure on which we unroll the seat made of wooden slats. The result is elegant and original.

The Etoile cutting board

Small Frying This object in white Carrara marble is nothing but a cutting board which is designed for cutting food by allowing the juice to drain out. A Claesson Kovisto Rune creation.

The Graph spice mill

Petite Friture Signed by Jens Fager, this spice mill could just as easily be a design sculpture in the kitchen. It is however perfectly functional and comfortable to use.

Vertigo pendant light

Petite Friture This spectacular and poetic pendant lamp by Constance Guisset is no longer presented. Well know that this is a Petite Friture edition!

The Curiosity box

Petite Friture Sam Baron revisits the magician hat from which a white rabbit comes out with this storage box with rabbit ears. For a quirky and humorous decor.

Francis mirror

Petite Friture Another creation by Constance Guisset, this original mirror is part of the designer's series of chromatic experiences. The object is thus impregnated with colors which recall the oxidation of mirrors for a creation full of poetry.

The growing candlestick

Petite Friture Recalling the shape of corals, this chandelier is bound to grow. To this we add other concrete modules which give new life and form to the object.