Offices converted into a small Parisian setting by the agency Nuts & Architects

Offices converted into a small Parisian setting by the agency Nuts & Architects

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Rehabilitating a 55 m² professional office into a warm, functional and typically Parisian apartment, this is the challenge brilliantly met by the 100% female team, Nuts & Architects. We open the doors to this exceptional place in pictures.

Modern elegance

Nuts & Architects There is nothing like giving life to a living room than accumulating decorative objects here and there. Whether they come from a personal heritage or have been found, they will elegantly decorate the space, most simply in the world. Here, the shock duo Nuts & Architects opted for decorative objects from Zara Home, Sia and Habitat.


Nuts & Architects You can't ignore a comfortable, soft and convertible sofa when you want to rent a furnished apartment by the week. Thus, Nuts & Architects bet on a pretty pearl gray sofa that they personalized with cushions imagined by one of them from fabrics found at the Saint-Pierre market.


Nuts & Architects Functional and bright, the kitchen, a bit Scandinavian, puts on a nice mixture of new equipment at low prices, sublimated by luxurious or vintage elements cleverly distilled. Thus, the Ikea kitchen has been personalized using contemporary handles to bring cachet to this space.

Successful combination of wood and white

Nuts & Architects To respond to the problem of space and the bias of decorative interbreeding, the two architects bet on a small white table with robust lines, found on a flea market, and accompanied it with a nice stool in very trendy light wood.

Seaside inspiration

Nuts & Architects Special mention for the bedroom, where the bed was staged thanks to the combination of a very graphic wallpaper with knot and cordage patterns, a Jouy-style bed linen and 'a classic style hanging bedside table.


Nuts & Architects Bucolic patterns invade the bed to embalm the space with a sweet refreshing scent.

So romantic!

Nuts & Architects Boudoir spirit in the bedroom which puts on a pretty white wooden dressing table, made to measure, for a baroque and girly space!

A relaxation area

Nuts & Architects The only room that has hardly been redesigned by Nuts & Architects, the bathroom has nevertheless benefited from a new piece of furniture and a shower screen. Modifications that have strengthened the warm and peaceful side of the space.


Nuts & Architects To reinforce the romantic atmosphere of the apartment, the agency chose to sublimate the doors with a paint in powdery tones and to decorate the windows with pretty white curtains that echo the immaculate cuisine.