10 original doormats for the entrance of the house

10 original doormats for the entrance of the house

To welcome your guests in an original way, we think of a playful doormat that is sure to put a good mood on your landing. We have selected 10 models that will surprise you. Discover them in pictures.

VIP door

Amadeus With this model of doormat, it is not your guests who will be the personalities but the door because VIP can also mean "very important door".

A festive doormat

La Redoute Are you planning a disco party? Start the festivities from the outside with a doormat that takes up a faceted ball motif.

A definition doormat

Amadeus In case your guests have doubts, you can choose this doormat which will give a nice definition of the house.

A doormat instructions for use

Amadeus And for those who don't know how to use a doormat, this model specifies that you have to rub hard. No risk of your guests getting dirty shoes after that.

A warm doormat

Amadeus And if we changed from the traditional shape of the classic doormat by adopting this heart-shaped model that will distribute love as soon as you pass the door.

A chic doormat

Amadeus The doormat can help you get a message across. With this chic and classic model, you welcome all your friends.

A door mat

Amadeus To make a nod to the street signs, this doormat takes up their style. Your home will then be called "Place du bon accueil".

Dog doormat

Amadeus Don't have a watchdog? This will be done with this mat which takes the shape of a small dog that will welcome your guests. A real originality!

A doormat for Christmas

Linvosges Finally, for Christmas, you can invest in a doormat that will put you in the mood from the doorstep like this model with fir trees.