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A light mirror for the bathroom

A light mirror for the bathroom

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In the bathroom, the mirror takes an important place. Also, it must be both practical and aesthetic. And for that, nothing like a light mirror ideal for making up or shaving without speaking of the light that will sublimate your bathroom.

Light tubes for lighting

Sanijura To make the mirror also light, it incorporates a vertical light tube over its entire height. It then diffuses a soft light and the tube brings a very decorative graphic effect to the mirror.

A colorful light mirror

Kramer Loft and Bath To create a mood in the bathroom, you can opt for a bright colored mirror. This backlit mirror thus diffuses a halo of blue light all around the mirror for a very designer look.

A graphic mirror

Lapeyre To complete the graphic design of this mirror with the original shape, it offers on each side a light strip which will not fail to highlight your reflection.

A backlit mirror

Kaleseramik If you do not want your mirror to integrate light directly, you can also choose a backlit model. The mirror is then slightly peeled off the wall to hide soft lighting.

A futuristic light mirror

Azur Lign If your bathroom is very high tech, you can choose this light mirror which incorporates two very designer light bands thanks to their asymmetrical shape. The light is slightly tinted for a very futuristic look.

A more classic lighting mirror

Alape If you do not want the mirror to diffuse light directly, bet on spots that integrate with the mirror. The light will then be directed towards the ground rather than on your face.

A framed mirror

Leroy Merlin ### To sublimate the mirror, this model offers to create a kind of framing of your frameless mirror using graphic and trendy light points. The result is very design!

A mirror work of art

Leroy Merlin ### If you want originality, choose this mirror that will look like a painting thanks to these graphic and bright patterns.

A discreet light mirror

Leroy Merlin ### Finally, if you want to make the luminous aspect of your mirror disappear, know that there are models whose light is diffused by the frame of the mirror in order to obtain a more classic rendering but still very decorative .