Heating: our selection of wood stoves for winter

Heating: our selection of wood stoves for winter

Reputed to be economical, the wood stove was a great success in its difficult times. Rising gas and electricity prices make it one of the essential items for winter. In addition to being very effective in the home, it now brings a real decorative touch to your interior. There are all styles, all shapes and for all budgets. So go ahead! We have made a selection of 30 ultra trendy models.

Contura model 590

Contura This cast iron wood stove with storage is very practical. With its glass door and raised fireplace, you also store a few logs in a low storage space. This model can also be leaned against the wall and connected to a fireplace.

The City model of MCZ Group

MCZ Group Very geometric, this wood stove is composed of a black painted steel structure. Also available in a pellet version, it can automatically regulate the air heating and can also be remote controlled.

Focus's Grappus model

Focus This ultra design wood stove enhances your interior. The hearth is located high up, at the foot of the wood rack, the two being on either side of the duct. Its unstructured metallic body inspires lightness and plays with the space of the room.

Invicta's Argos model

Invicta This wood stove with a contemporary aesthetic offers you a central window that allows a direct view of the fire to appreciate the beauty of the flames. Its cast iron body regulates the heat and stores it sustainably.

Sergio Leoni's Marlene model

Sergio Leoni For a more retro style, opt for a rustic wood stove with an authentic look! This ceramic model follows the lines of yesteryear but is adorned with the best technology for a very particular comfort.

Rocal's Vertex model

Rocal This hanging wood stove is the ally of designer interiors. With its angular lines and its light style, it brings elegance and performance to any room in the house.

Dietrich's Quadralis model

De Dietrich This stove is distinguished by its avant-garde design, inspired by the sleek and modern forms of our electronic devices. This model is designed for the combustion of wood pellets, the alternative of logs, considered more autonomous.

Godin's Frejole model

Godin This wood stove combines modernity and originality. Equipped with a porthole-shaped cast iron heating body with painted steel cladding, it blends with contemporary and minimalist interiors.

Hawm's 2610C model

Hawm This wood stove combines discretion and elegance. Thanks to its compact shape, it adapts everywhere and does not clutter your interior. In addition, its small combustion chamber is ideal for homes that require less heat.

The Fondis Hot Box model

Fondis Ultra chic, this wood stove with a metal base for storing wood is a practical and aesthetic asset! Consisting of two independent modules, it is characterized by its extraordinary design and optimal performance.

MCZ Group's Thor model

MCZ Group This elliptical wood stove has combustion control with a simple retractable lever, but also a self-closing handle and an efficient wood storage compartment.

Nordpeis Quadro 1 model

Nordpeis This contemporary corner wood stove will adapt to any room in the house. Saving space, it remains nonetheless of great elegance and good performance.

Hase's Merida model

Hase This wood stove specially designed for modern homes is your low consumption bonus. Its slender body dressed in handmade ceramic blends into any room and its panoramic glass lets you enjoy the spectacle.

Nordica's Fireball model

Nordica This metal ball is indeed a wood stove. In a very trendy copper color, it will give a real look to your living room. Its heating performance and its swivel base are yet other advantages that make this product one of the best of its kind.

Nordica's Fortuna model

Nordica Another model of the brand, but in a slightly different style, this wood stove is in white earthenware. Its cast iron interior coating and Ironker technology with afterburning will give you long-lasting warmth.

Austro Flamm's Pi model

Austro Flamm This round central wood stove, swiveling and glazed on three sides allows you to enjoy the beautiful spectacle of the flames wherever you are in your living room.

Focus's Slim model

Focus This wood stove with a purity and extreme elegance design can be installed in any room, whether central, wall or corner. But whatever you choose, it will be the highlight of your interior.

The Olsberg Sotara Compact model

Olsberg Also very trendy, the rounded shapes of this wood stove will agree with all styles of modern decorations thanks to its different soapstone or ceramic coverings.

Attika's Q-BE model

Attika Without compromise, this wood stove allows you to admire the fire wherever you are in the room with a double glass triangular shape. In addition, it is just as uncompromising as to its primary function. Thanks to CleverAIR technology, it takes care of the combustion regulation for you.

The Britania model of Supra

Supra In a much more industrial style, this cast iron stove respects the lines of yesteryear. Its interior in refractory bricks retains heat perfectly and its size allows it to be installed everywhere. Most ? A top tray that keeps your dishes at the right temperature.

Contura's Allmoge model

Contura In a much more traditional spirit, and reminiscent of Scandinavian interiors, this ceramic wood stove fireplace style is the model to adopt to give a Nordic and vintage style to your room.

Dietrich's Aravis model

De Dietrich With the Aravis wood stove designed for burning wood logs, performance is there. On the design side, it plays the sobriety card with its round and refined lines to integrate naturally into your interior.

The Hase Valencia model

Hase Do you like wood stoves with noble and straight shapes? Then you will appreciate the design of it like a fireplace. It is distinguished by its large hearth and its ultra modern heating technique. Thanks to a duct cover, available in four dimensions, it also adapts to the height of the room.

The Hase Como model

Hase In a completely different style, this other stove from Hase has soft, rounded curves. In addition to a traditional design, this stove offers many advantages: a compartment above the hearth to keep dishes and drinks warm but also many colors to choose it to your image.

The Rocal Habit model

Rocal Another corner stove! Always very practical, it has a log compartment and can be declined in other forms. The range indeed has four models of wood stove for everyone to find their account.

Nordica's Ellipse model

Nordica This 90 ° rotating wood stove with original shapes and covered with handcrafted ceramic, here in bright red, is both a decorative object and a heater. It will thus be able to integrate into an interior as modern as it is eclectic.

The DG Lars 900 model from Dru

Dru This wood stove with clean lines can find its place in different types of interiors. It guarantees maximum warmth and a nice surprise for you. A practical stove hides behind the cover above the fireplace.

Dovre's Sense model

Dovre This wood stove has an ingenious double combustion system to guarantee better efficiency and excellent heating comfort. While cast iron, there are many finishes and can benefit from additional options.

Invicta's Antaya model

Invicta And finally, this wood stove fireplace style will dress a wall in style. Let yourself be captivated by the magic of the flames thanks to a large screen glass. What you heat with a lot of style!