Comptoir de Famille: discover the new products

Comptoir de Famille: discover the new products

Objects from the past conceal fabulous treasures of emotion. Comptoir de Famille draws inspiration from them and reinvents them. For its new collection, the brand invites us to find the styles "Atelier du Chineur", "Heritage", "Winter Dream" and "Candied Orange". Let yourself be transported through our selection of 10 atmospheres of yesteryear!

Decorate your interior with style

Comptoir de Famille Composed of nesting tables, a reading lamp, a medallion armchair and a chest of drawers in the same colors, the bedroom is light as a feather. This composition of Louis XVI style furniture is very soft with shades of gray and purple, and we love it!

Country style in the kitchen

Comptoir de Famille We fall for this trendy tableware which revisits the campaign theme with sober and elegant colors. On a raw wooden table, we placed a checkered tablecloth and an assortment of white dishes with small blue borders. It makes us want to eat lunch of yesteryear.

The "time rediscovered" fair is aptly named

Comptoir de Famille The theme which values ​​know-how and craftsmanship, is totally staged with this warm living room. Pretty colorful touches like eggplant and Flemish flowers bring warmth to the whole and find their place perfectly by the fireplace!

Welcome to the entrance

Comptoir de Famille From the entrance, we find the Flemish print which, combined with eggplant brings a warm side. It is even more significant if the atmosphere of the entrance matches the living room!

We put the small dishes in the big ones

This porcelain dish service is sumptuous. Bright white, it is elegantly adorned with a monogram and a golden border. In all circumstances, these dishes will bring the chic of castle buffets.

Taste orangettes with class

Comptoir de Famille Perfect for the Christmas meal, the cutlery arranged in this way brings an extremely chic tone. Here, under the monogrammed dessert plate, we have placed a transparent engraved plate and a gold crochet placemat. We find that this assortment gives a precious side, and we love it!

A transportable wine cellar

Comptoir de Famille To accompany our buffets or pot with friends, we don't hesitate to put the bottle rack on the table. In black wood, it blends into the decor and shatters the myth of the rusty wine case that is hidden under the table. Good Christmas gift idea for a man!

Egg to chicken in the kitchen

Comptoir de Famille Too used to seeing in our kitchens, a simple wooden board as a shelf, we have a desire for originality. Here, we decided to play it flashy and with taste. A hen welcomes our bowls and pots of all kinds, and that suits her well.

Warm colors on my dishes

Comptoir de Famille A matching decor accompanies our table service. The mixture of the two prints offers a stunning result. Standing on a sober tablecloth decorated with a frieze, it is accompanied by hammered gold cutlery. Amazing!