An 18 m2 studio renovated by architect Géraldine Laferté

An 18 m2 studio renovated by architect Géraldine Laferté

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Renovating and fitting out an old concierge lodge into a practical and functional studio, this is the challenge launched by architect Géraldine Laferté. Kitchen space, dining area, bedroom and dining room, nothing is missing in this small well-thought-out studio that optimizes space by multiplying retractable and modular furniture. Discovery in pictures!

A successful two-color duo

Stéphane Déroussent In the kitchen area, the wooden worktop is enhanced by immaculate furniture. This nice contrast brings out the essence of the wood while aerating the space and bringing it a design touch. On the left, the black wall hides a pretty 80 cm raised bathroom under which the water heater and washing machine have been installed.

A "table" as decorative as practical

Stéphane Déroussent Designed with the practical spirit and the precision required by the arrangements of boats, motorhomes and sleeper wagons of yesteryear, the apartment gives pride of place to clever furniture and storage. Here, this pretty wooden wall picture, surrounded by a nice wallpaper, is actually a folding table in solid oak fitted with two large hinges. The pattern of the wall covering, stylized and graphic, in off-white stands out against a gray-green background. A very nice contrast for this contemporary and design wallpaper which enhances the surrounding furniture.

Functional foundations

Stéphane Déroussent When you live in a small area, it is sometimes difficult to structure the space and find tips to arrange it properly. For the kitchen area, Géraldine Laferté has imagined three modules aligned in the lower part which separate to form beautiful seats with robust lines. Versatile and modular, they easily adapt to storage needs, essential in such a space, since they also act as chests.

A well thought out office area!

Stéphane Déroussent Nothing has been forgotten in this space where the architect had the ingenious idea of ​​fitting a small fold-down desk into the storage wall. Articulated thanks to a rack and held horizontally by a chain, it will be used according to the desires and needs of each.

A sofa teeming with ideas

Stéphane Déroussent When you live in a small studio, every inch counts. It is therefore essential to use cunning to increase the floor space without neglecting the essential furniture and accessories of our daily lives. To do this, the architect imagined a two-in-one sofa composed of two cubic seats and a portico coffee table that slide under the plasterboard structure of the bed. A tip that saves space!

One key word: modularity

Stéphane Déroussent Transforming, optimizing and reinventing a space, such is the credo of Géraldine Laferté who knew how to take advantage of the high ceilings to create a wall of mixed storage, open and closed. Above the sofa, against the wall, a large panel conceals the bed. During the day, the bed is stored on the wall on jacks leaving the field free for all possible arrangements. At night, manually, we lower the movable platform without having to move the furniture.

A very refined scale

Stéphane Déroussent Sober and refined, a simple wooden ladder provides access to the sleeping area. A constant search for simplicity and elegance which underlines a desire to get to the point.

An ultra practical headboard

Stéphane Déroussent As a headboard, two sliding wooden doors hide a storage chest in which the pillows can be integrated when the day comes.

A well-appointed living space

Stéphane Déroussent Having everything close at hand is essential when you live in a small area. To meet all desires for comfort and functionality, Géraldine Laferté has imagined multiple high and low storage spaces, which allow ideal optimization of volumes.